10 drone hobbies to take on

10 Drone Hobbies to Take Up in 2019 Banner

Drones have become the go to device for taking beautiful shots of landscapes and the outdoors. However, with their increasing popularity, their limit does not end at landscape videos thanks to many users finding alternative ways to utilise this tech.

If you have recently become the proud owner of a drone and are unsure of the possibilities surrounding it, read these 10 things to do with a drone that will help you to make the most of your new piece of tech.

1. 3D Mapping

3D mapping has become a popular hobby of choice within the drone community. During a TED talk, Pix4D introduced the concept of 3D mapping with a software that creates 3D maps from aerial photos taken with drones. If you have an interest in both mapping and new drone technology, this is a hobby you could consider. To start you off, you can read more about how to take the best HD photos with your drone here.

2. Become a blogger or influencer

Woman lying on pink basketball throwline.

Whether you’re passionate about fitness, travel, photography or general health and wellbeing (to name a few), your drone can add another level to the blogger or influencer content you’re putting to your audience, or the content you’re planning to share with them.

Capture unique angles of your recommended fitness routines, offer a better view of your favourite destination, or create videos to strengthen the message you’re trying to get across. Footage from your drone will take your blogging to a whole new level, by providing more detail and helping to immerse your audience in the topic.

Top Tip: Whether you’re a seasoned blogger or trying it out for the first time, your drone footage will only boost your content if it’s clear and of high quality. Read up on how to stabilise drone footage, before investing your time in filming for your audience.

3. Wildlife research

Agriculture drone

If you have a love for wildlife, taking your drone out into the open and observing animals in their natural habitat could be a new way for you to utilise your drone this year. To protect your drone in the outdoors while travelling to and from wildlife hotspots, invest in a waterproof drone case lined with custom foam, to protect your drone from weather conditions.

4. Film amazing videos

Drone at Golden Hour

One of the most obvious hobbies for your drone is filming high-quality videos. Use your drone to film landscapes, activities or use the footage and create your own films by combining various different shots and clips together.
Remember that there are certain areas where drones are a no-go for flying, so make sure to avoid these places when flying and filming with your drone.

5. Journalism

eye view of city buildings during sunset.

These days anyone can be a citizen journalist by recording any newsworthy events that occur. If you’d like to pick up a hobby, reporting could be a good place to start. You could use your drone to capture pictures and videos of breaking news before anyone else. However, always make sure you follow UK drone laws and regulations before doing so.

6. Aerial photography

Desert aerial shot

Aerial photography was a rather limiting niche for many years, due to the costs associated with heading up in a helicopter and capturing shots from the air. However, with drones becoming increasingly popular in the consumer market, now’s the best time to try your hand at some aerial photography with your drone! Start practising and in no time at all, you’ll be able to capture some superb shots with the help of your flying friend.

7. Alternative competitive racing

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Another hobby to consider taking up with you drone is to start racing your drone competitively against other drone users. Going to an open outdoor landscape and hosting drone races could be a new activity to take up this year, and you can film the view whilst doing it. Read more about drone racing in the UK and how to get into it here.

8. Drone search and rescue volunteering

Aerial view of green mountain

Having a drone can play a vital role in mountainside rescue operations. Volunteer with a search team and use your drone to locate those who need rescuing on a mountain side or in the countryside.

9. Travel the world

Houses near body of water

Travelling is something that’s on the bucket list of many individuals. Whether you plan out a year long travelling trip, or you’re thinking about dipping in and out of travel during your free time, there’s so much to see around the world that’s perfect for visiting with your drone. Next time you plan to take a trip, make sure you pack your drone to capture incredible memories with the latest tech.
We have tips for the best destinations in Europe to take your drone to, as well as the drone laws in some of the world’s most popular holiday destinations.

10. Drone air shows

Arguably a lot cheaper than the popular fighter jet displays, you could use your drone to show off your skills and participate in drone air shows, or alternatively you could host your own. To take part in a drone air show or to plan your own, you should always seek permission from the Civil Aviation Authority beforehand and in plenty of time.
There are so many drone ideas and hobbies to get stuck into this year, that you’ll no doubt be heading out and about during most of your free time. If you are planning to take on some new hobbies with your drone in the coming months, it makes sense to protect it with a hard-wearing protective drone case that can minimise the impact these risks have on your gadget. What’s more, consider lining your drone case with a custom foam insert from the Case Farm.
We specialise in providing custom and DIY foam inserts at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a specific size to line your drone case, check out our foam calculator page to get a quote, or get in touch with a member of our team for more information.

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