10 easy DIY projects for kids

During this past year, we have been spending more time at home, leaving many of us exploring some long-lost hobbies and interesting DIY projects. Some inspiring creations have come about from people’s imagination with these projects. In which case, why not set up the kids with some projects too?

From crafts to furniture, there are plenty of enjoyable things to try at home. Read our guide and pick out some exciting (but not too tricky) DIY projects to keep your kids busy.

  1.Decorate your stationery

The best DIY projects are ones which offer a functional purpose at the end, yet are packed full of chances to be creative within the process. If you have any spare stationery and you don’t mind losing them to the chaotically colourful mind of a child, then decorating stationery could be the perfect DIY project for your kids.

Take some paint, glitter, felt (all the messy good stuff) or anything else you think would be suitable for decorating pencils and stationery cases and leave the kids to their imagination. Decorated stationery is both entertaining to make and perfect for the little ones to use at school or in the house for homework, and if you’re looking for easy DIY crafts for kids, this is a popular go-to!

  2.Foam Windmills

While handcrafted windmills are usually enjoyed in the summer thanks to the dry weather which comes with the warmer months, they are also great for indoor winter fun. Place them near the fireplace and watch the colours spin for hours. Foam windmills are ideal for anyone, as long as you are a little resourceful, as you really don’t need to spend too much money (or even anything at all). Either order some foam sheets online, head to your nearest craft store or even use some DIY custom foam.

Our Easy Peel foam inserts are perfect for easy DIY projects, but we couldn’t see our high-quality foam inserts go to waste on a project like this – so, consider using any cut-offs you may have acquired from your toolbox foam sheets (you can see how to best conserve them in our handy foam tutorials).

  3.Balloon rockets

If your child is looking to be a little more adventurous, balloon rockets are a brilliant way to involve science into some at-home fun. Thankfully, after heading out to source some balloons and straws, you will most likely have everything else you will need in the house.
While this project may be a little more complicated than the other projects we’ve suggested, it is still straightforward and offers plenty of entertainment!

  4.Tin can phones

An absolute classic. Tin can phones are exciting toys many of us have enjoyed at one point or another and something relatively simple to manufacture. This might just be the easiest of DIY projects on this list because all you need is a couple of leftover tin cans, some tape and some string. What’s more, a bonus to this project is that this is a fun opportunity to show the benefits of recycling or repurposing to your kids.

  5.Concrete plant pots

No matter your age, painting pottery is a brilliant activity to enjoy. However, often it can get quite expensive if visiting a pottery painting outlet. So why not make your own from home? Pick up a bag of concrete from your nearest DIY shop, make a mould and fill it and decorate your plant pot however you would like. These pots are a great way to bring some colour to the home, as well as for giving the kids something fun to enjoy.

  6.Make your own playdough

While encouraging your children to be creative is terrific, their projects may not be to your taste, and you may be after something which can be swept into a box and stored away.
In terms of DIY for kids, making playdough from scratch is brilliant as they can learn about how to balance recipes, all while keeping the place nice and clean(ish).

  7.Design a boat (which actually works)

If you are after a project your child can enjoy for hours on end, consider this one. Making a boat out of card or colourful plastic can look really great, but the challenge is making it functional. Use whatever materials you have lying around the house and have your child spend hours designing their dream vessel to play with in the house, the garden or the park.


When we suggest origami, we don’t mean the complex architectural ones which most adults would struggle with; we are thinking more of the simpler forms of origami. For those searching for something super simple, completely tidy, yet enjoyable for young ones of all ages, this DIY craft for kids might be the one for you.

  9.Paint rocks

Struggling to encourage your children to spend more time outside is something which many parents experience. Finding a kids DIY project which is both fun and can be enjoyed inside or out could be the perfect solution. Painting rocks can be just as satisfying as painting plant pots. However, this activity encourages kids to head outside and do some searching first. While on a walk, be on the hunt for some pebbles or rocks (which obviously don’t belong to someone else’s garden) and bring them home for decorating. We are sure they will look spectacular on the mantelpiece, a windowsill or outside in your garden.

  10.Update your furniture

If you are trying to find time to revitalise a piece of furniture in your child’s bedroom, why not involve them! Having your kids paint a set of drawers or a wooden chair is a great way to involve them in a project of yours which is nice and easy – and something you may actually need help with. Working on something together to create something spectacular by the end of it might also teach them some DIY skills.

It is clear, if you and children are happy to get a little resourceful and creative, you can try out a plethora of wonderful DIY projects with some amazing outcomes. While the younger ones carry on with their balloon rockets and foam windmills, take a look at our guide on how to best carry out your DIY projects.

For any questions you might have about this guide or our cases, be sure to contact us!

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