10 essential mountain bike tools

You can have the best bike equipment, with the most protective helmet and every other bit of flashy gear, but it’s important that you know how your equipment works. It’s all too easy to subscribe to the ‘all the gear, no idea’ ideology, but without the proper know-how, you could get caught in a tight spot and not have the solution to get out of it.

That solution is having a good mountain bike tool kit, with the necessary tools to help with everything from a punctured tyre to broken spokes. Read our guide to get the lowdown on the best tools for bicycle fixing and maintenance.

 1. You’re going to need a chain tool

Perhaps the most classic bike related mishap: a broken chain. You can’t replace/install a chain properly without having a chain tool in your possession. It’s a must-have! Even if you have powerlinks (chains that, normally, do not require tools) you’ll still find a chain tool really handy if you need to adjust.

 2. Don’t forget about a spoke key

What if your spokes need tightening and you don’t have a trusty spoke key? For something that you can carry around attached to your keys, a spoke key is an essential part of any half-decent mountain bike tool kit. You can get them in different shapes and sizes, and as we’ve said, they’re really convenient to carry around with you. You simply can’t go without a spoke key!

 3. You’ll need an Allen key, too

The crowning essential of all bike tools has to be the Allen key. They’re really useful in general. If you ever need to disassemble/reassemble your bike when you’re on the go, you’ll get nowhere without one. An Allen key will get you through most tight spots and emergency situations.

 4. Have you thought about a shock pump?

If your bike has suspension (which most worthy mountain bikes do), then you’ll need a shock pump. To adjust suspension on your front or back fork, a good shock pump will insert a steady supply of pressure which then strengthens the suspension quality. If you’re out on the road and you feel your bike’s suspension failing you, a little shock pump is just the solution.

 5. A digital pressure gauge could save you time and money

With a digital pressure gauge, you can measure the pressure levels in your tyre. This will inform you ahead of a big outing and, if your pressure is a little low, you can pump them up before you head out. Just imagine the time and money you’d be saving in the event of a flat tyre.

 6. Spare inner tube

Okay, so it’s not a tool per se but it’s still a really important bit of kit. Having a spare inner tube on you will save you if you ever experience a puncture while out on your bike. Don’t underestimate the power of having a spare inner tube!

 7. A work stand so you can fix things in comfort

If you feel you’ve spent too much time bent awkwardly and uncomfortably over a broken bike, this one should be for you. A work stand will keep your bike firmly elevated so that you can work on fixing your bike in complete comfort and convenience. Happy days!

 8. You should probably get a torque wrench

Torque wrenches are another item in our selection that will serve you well regarding matters other than your mountain bike. Being able to test the tension of the bolts on your bike will eradicate the annoying creaks and rattles that you often get with loose bolts.

 9. Cable ties! Bear with us…

Another perhaps unexpected item on our list. When times are hard and, say, you’re approaching the final stretch of a long ride, a pack of cable ties might just save your skin. You can use them to temporarily fix a broken saddle or loose brake cables. Whatever it might be, cable ties are so versatile that you’re sure to find a use for them!

 10. You also need proper tool storage

With our tool foam inserts, you’ll be able to store and protect your tools when you’re out on the road. You can even get the exact sizes you need by telling us your specifications via our calculator page. You’ll get an instant quote and, with the order completed, we’ll send your Easy Peel products directly to you. When you receive your goods, our dedicated Foam Tutorials section will see you the rest of the way.

Not only are our foam inserts durable, they also give you complete organisation and control of your most important assets. If, for example, you are often misplacing your tools then our tool control products are essential. If tool control is of particular interest to you, then check out the following articles:

In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like any further guidance, our team can be contacted here. Our blog section is also packed with insights, so be sure to take a look.





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