10 genius garage organisation ideas

For a lot of people, garages are places that swallow up everything that won’t quite fit anywhere else. Lawnmowers? Yes please. Old sports equipment? Why not?! Cardboard packaging that you’ll never need but think it’s prudent to keep? Yes!

Meanwhile, a lot of other people apply a military-grade precision to their garage organisation. There may be colour-coded systems, clever shelving systems, or at the very least a regular cleaning routine.

If you keep tools in your garage (and we presume you do), we suggest that you be a little more like the latter group of people when it comes to garage storage solutions. While you don’t need to go over the top, your tools and other DIY equipment will last longer in a clean and dry environment. You’ll misplace them less, too!

So, without further ado, we’ve compiled a list of genius garage storage ideas. Take a look!

1. Vertical bin storage – just throw and go

A vertical bin storage system is one of the best organising garage ideas we’ve found, and it gives you easy access to the bits and pieces that, by usual garage tradition, are probably strewn everywhere. All you need to do is buy some of those plastic rubble tubs (the brightly coloured ‘flexi’ ones) and a few sets of metal shelves. Put your metal shelves up and place the containers side by side, each labelled with its intended contents. The items you use most should be put on the bottom shelf for effortless access.

2. DIY pegboard to hang tools

A classic fixture for all DIY spaces is the pegboard, and it’s really easy to set up. You can even get them in different colours for a colour coded approach. You can hang all sorts of power tools and hand tools, and you can even hang other containers. Always losing pens and pencils? Get a little container for them and hang that. Again: it’s easy access!

3. Tiered baskets for the little things

Another genius idea is to use those wicker magazine boxes and hang them one under the other (perhaps on the back of a door?). This is a great solution for all the miscellaneous things that a garage usually stores and because they’re made for magazines they’re quite unobtrusive. Everything from umbrellas and reusable bags to plugs and adapters. Just remember to label so you know what goes where.

4. Mount your bikes for practicality (and style)

Did you know that the everyday garage holds anywhere between 10 to 300 bikes? Mind-blowing! Okay, we just made that up but the point is that garages are the most common storage space for bikes. If you have a lot of bikes, that’s a lot of space being taken up.

You should mount them to the walls of your garage. It’s a simple solution that frees up space. It looks quite good, too! All those trendy coffee shops can’t be wrong…

5. Overhead ladder storage (you’ll thank us later)

Like bikes, ladders take up a lot of space in garages. They’re also a trip hazard! Buy some heavy duty ceiling mounts and ensure they’re properly fixed – it might be an idea to get a professional in to do this.

With your ladders securely stored away, you can get creative with the new space you now have.

6. A genius way to store your fishing rods

If you’re into fishing, you’ll know what it’s like to store your rods in a manageable and unobtrusive way. Our answer is foam swimming noodles (stay with us).

Those brightly coloured swimming noodles are perfect for securing your fishing rods. All you need is a length of PVC pipe and a swimming noodle. Drill a series of small holes into your PVC pipe, with around 4-5 inches of space in between each. This is to hold the butt of your rods. Then, line up your swimming noodle to match the general height of your rods and carefully cut a slit into your noodles into which you can place the end of your rods. To prevent your rods from falling out of the slit, you should make sure your cut is extra thin (almost so that it requires a little effort to get the rod in). Simple!

7. DIY ball storage!

Footballs rolling around in your garage is a definite safety hazard, but luckily we have a rather genius solution. Line up two sturdy shelves one about a metre above the other (the distance between the two will depend on how many rogue sports balls you have). Next, get your hands on those bungee cords with hooks at each end (they’re often used in DIY applications). Drill three holes (six in total) at the base of each shelf, all measured and lined up to correspond between the holes in the above shelf, and the holes made in the bottom shelf.

Then, insert the hooks into the above shelf holes you’ve made and stretch the bungee cords down and fix the other hooks into the bottom shelf. You should have a DIY ball cage! Providing that your holes were spaced correctly, your basketballs and footballs won’t find their way out.

8. A very simple extension cord hanger

Do you have a place for your extension cords, wires, and water hoses? These are really awkward garage items that can be difficult to store. The solution (and a quite simple one) is to affix a series of hooks along one wall – however many you need. The many tangled wires will be stored away where they’re not in the way. Easy!

9. Holsters for your caulking guns

Another awkward DIY bit to store are your caulking guns. Where can you put them?! We recommend you get your hands on some more PVC piping. Then, drill a hole at each end through both sides of the pipe. Run a screw into the mounting surface (wood is best) from inside the pipe (you may need to use a washer). Voila! Your open-ended PVC pipe will hold your caulk gun when you’re not using it.

10. Tool box foam is the ultimate tool storage solution

Tool foam inserts can be used for your toolbox or tool drawers you may have installed. They can be used for all kinds of tools, from electric hand tools to smaller handheld bits like screwdrivers, etc.

All you need to do is measure the exact size insert that you’d need, and share your specifications with us using our calculator page. We’ll give you an instant quote and send your unique insert straight to you. Once it arrives and it’s time to cut out the shapes you need, simply follow our Foam Tutorials which should see you right.

Garage tidying ideas – what can’t you store in a garage?

Before we leave you, here’s a whistle-stop tour through some of the things you shouldn’t keep in your garage. Safety first!

  • Pet food – Storing pet food in your garage is an open invitation to all kinds of pests.
  • Books – Especially if they’re beloved books! If you have even the slightest damp environment then your books will get damaged over time.
  • Paint – Extremely cold or hot environments will change the formula of your paint, warping its colour and long lasting finish. Paint should be kept in
  • spaces with neutral temperatures (garages often get too hot or too cold).
  • Old computers – Old and perhaps faltering electronics are one of the more common fire hazards, so it’s best to get rid. No more hoarding!
  • Wine – If you’re a wine connoisseur, you’ll know not to store wine in your garage as it’s probably going to be too cold. If you don’t know this, take note – extreme temperatures have an effect on wine that is similar to paint. It just won’t be the same!

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