10 of the best Swiss watches for men

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Over the past few years, smart wearables have tempted people away from appreciating fine traditional clockwork. From Apple watches to Fitbit, advanced technology has seemingly taken over the wrists of the world. However, traditional wristwatches still remain king. And more specifically, Swiss watches are the king of kings. Undoubtedly due to their alluring designs developed by the most remarkable craftsmanship and finest materials.

Although Swiss watches have a practical purpose for tracking the time, they often offer more superior benefits to their owner such as sentimentality. Many grandparents give their fine chronometers to their grandchildren, or a bride-to-be gifts an exquisite watch to their fiancee in return for their engagement ring.

It’s clear why so many invest in superior watch protection: you can’t put a price on peace of mind.

Swiss watches have become the new sports car. It is something to invest in and take off. Deciding which one matches your style and what you can afford is imperative before you take the leap and get one of your own. We have created a guide to what we believe to be our top ten from low, middle and top price tier Swiss watches.

Low Tier (under £1,500)


Wenger Urban Classic Chrono watch

Wenger has an important place in our list as one of the best affordable Swiss watch brands. This Urban Classic Chrono pairs perfectly with an all-black case and a beige fabric strap. The elongated markers and green accents offer a utilitarian look while carrying forward the quintessential Swiss look. £289.


Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Powermatic 80 GMT watch

Tissot is one of the oldest watchmakers in the list and surprisingly is one of the most affordable Swiss-made watches. Named after Tissot’s first factory in Switzerland, the Chemin Des Tourelles is comprised of a rose gold stainless steel 42mm case and Roman numeral indexes. Complete with a see-through case back, this Swiss watch offers luxury at a reasonable price. £830.

TAG HEUER FORMULA 1 QUARTZTag Heuer Formula 1 Quartz watch

Tag Heuer offers some truly premium timepieces going up to 6 figure price tag. However,  Tag Heuer’s Formula 1 Quartz carries forward premium materials, reminiscent of traditional Swiss watch engineering, all for under £2,000. Slick stitching inspired by automotive interiors, but with a modern twist from a combination of matt black aluminium bezel, as well as a neon yellow seconds hand. Tag Heuer’s stamp of premium quality is apparent with a quartz movement which can measure 1/10th of a second. £1,350


Bell & Ross are the young upstarts in our selection, but they’re a brand that you don’t want to sleep on. Started in just 1992, the young Swiss brand have muscled their way into general perception and are now positioned as authorities on aviation and diving watches.

Take it from us, the BR 03-92 collection is a modern classic: Bell & Ross have created a watch inspired by their Swiss heritage while, at the same time, planting both feet firmly in the future. Its coating is reminiscent of the anti-reflective finish commonly used on aircraft instrument panels, and it’s also water-resistant to 300 metres. And if all that wasn’t enough, the dial is made from Super-LumiNova, a non-radioactive and non-toxic photoluminescent veneer. It’s glow in the dark, but much cooler. £3,500


Mid Tier (under £11,000)


Tudor Black Bay GMT watch

This new blue and red piece from Tudor is a quirky standout piece to add to any watch collection box. It takes design cues from a similar watch from Rolex, but for a more affordable price. Black Bay GMT featured a polished steel face with a domed black dial. If the woven strap isn’t your style, the same exact same timepiece is available with steel links or a “Terra di Sienna” leather strap. £2,610


With a name like ‘Moonwatch’, this Omega Speedmaster promises so much and we’re happy that it completely delivers. Over the moon, you could say. While you won’t be following in Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin’s revered footsteps, owning the Moonwatch will incite jealousy in every watch lover within a 5-mile radius, which is nice.

Being serious for a moment, the Omega Moonwatch is quite literally a milestone as it commemorates the 1969 moon landing. As both Armstrong and Aldrin wore Omega watches during the trip, Omega became the first earth-made watch brand to ever reach the moon. Finally, flip the watch over and you’ll an inscription which states that the watch is actually flight-tested by NASA. Take a look below if you don’t believe us. £4,000



Navitimer 1 B01 Chronograph 46 watch

A brand dedicated to aviation makes for a perfect investment timepiece. The Navitimer collection is a legendary Swiss watch for men and is the gold standard for pilots across the world. This signature watch comes in a variety of colourways and strap materials, adaptable for a variety of budgets. £8,480.


Rolex Submariner Date watch

Here we have the classic style of the Rolex Submariner Date, which has been re-birthed in popularity. It is a classic Swiss-made watch and arguably one of the most famous Swiss brands out there. This is a classic blue and gold Rolex combination with an oyster link bracelet and long-lasting dial details. £10,350.

Top Tier (£20,000 and above)


IWC Tribute to Pallweber Edition "150 Years" watchThis anniversary edition watch by IWC marks 150 years of exquisite design. This incredible Swiss timepiece has been minimised to hour and minute digits, accompanied by a small hacking seconds hand. The minimalism stops at the front as the intricate design of the watch is revealed by a see-through sapphire crystal back. £20,500.


Patek Phillipe 5738P Golden Ellipse watch

If you can’t decide between a circular or squared watch case, this stunning men’s Swiss wristwatch by Patek Philippe might just be the answer. It features an elliptical case, their ‘blue gold’ dial and shiny navy blue alligator strap with a prong buckle in platinum to finish. A must-have for a luxury watch collection box. £40,110.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch

Royal Oak is Audemars Piguet’s staple timepiece. This self-winding model features 18k pink gold, sapphire crystal and the signature screws surrounding the case. This wristwatch is one of the most desirable out there and if luxury is your thing, £4,000 can get you matching cufflinks. £44,700.



Investing in high-end Swiss watches, you will see consistent usage of the most remarkable materials. However, the Patrimony Perpetual Calendar Ultra-thin changes the game from simple time management of minutes and hours to days, weeks, years and even moon phases. This Genevan watch brand also includes an incredible transparent sapphire crystal backing. £69,300.

Moreover, as this is the dearest out of all watches on our list, if you are looking to invest in this Swiss watch (or any other expensive watch for that matter) making sure that you have the right protection with durable watch cases is imperative.

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin watch


So, which Swiss watch brand is best?

Hard to say. We love them all! Each brand has a different story, and despite the fact that they’re all Swiss-born, the brands are unique in their own ways. 

Also, if you’re thinking of buying a Swiss watch for a lady in your life, we have just the blog for you. However, if you don’t want to limit your watch collection to Swiss, take a look at our Watches of the World guide to learn a bit more about global watch culture.

Make sure, if you’re thinking of building up a collection of watches or are a seasoned watch collector, it’s important you protect your investments. Browse our collection of crushproof and waterproof multiple watch cases.

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