The 10 strangest stock images you will ever see

Crying Child in Wig

Stock imagery can be fantastic can be a fantastic addition to any piece of work, but occasionally it can be just down right strange…

1. When the ghost’s of cheese burger past come back to haunt you…

A woman haunted by the ghost of hamburgers past:

2. The smell of danger…

A child enjoying that sweet, sweet cactus smell:

3. Eating art for breakfast…

Mona Lisa tongue tats:

4. That isn’t even a real fish…

A nun discovering the joys of the ocean:

5. Typical Saturday night in Manchester..

A spaceman exploring a strange new planet:

6. Don’t ever let anybody tell you who to love…

A man embracing the only melon that ever loved him:

7. Is she alright?

A businesswoman enjoying a boxing-glove massage:

8. Is she really that good?

9. When you can’t wait for your birthday…

A man contemplating the mistakes he's made while using a cake as a pillow:

10. When you realise its only Tuesday…

A child coming to terms with the harrowing reality that this is what it'll be like until she retires:

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