12 of the best waterproof watches in 2020

Whether you’re a professional water sports athlete, an avid snorkeler, or just an occasional swimmer, having a waterproof watch gives you peace of mind. It makes you feel better if all you’re doing is the washing up! However much you know about the actual science of waterproof watches doesn’t really matter. What counts is that peace of mind.

The whole waterproof watch market has grown into a thing of its own, and there is so much choice. So, if you’re shopping for waterproof watches, read on – here are 10 of the best waterproof watches on the market today.

Casio W800H-1AV Classic Sport Watch

Casio W800H 1AV Classic Sport WatchWater resistant up to 100m with a digital stopwatch and large display, the Casio W800H-1AV is a modern trooper when it comes to waterproof watches. It’s favoured by a range of sports and water-based activities, including swimming, sailing and snorkelling. It’s even become popular with hospital staff – its military-grade functionality means that it’s dependable and sturdy (you can sanitise your hands without fear of your watch getting damaged). Finally, its battery life lasts an impressive ten years and is very, very affordable.

Timex Expedition Classic Digital Watch

The Timex Expedition watch is a rugged masterwork for the waterproof watch market and it’s built to withstand the rigours of whatever water-based activity you could throw at it. From snorkelling to sailing and everything in between, you can rely on this watch to protect you from water damage. It’s water resistant to 100m but be wary of exposing it to such depths too often – water pressure around these depths are unpredictable. Diving is probably out of the question! That’s no big thing – the Expedition range are complete all-rounder watches.

Seiko Automatic Analogue Watch

The Seiko Automatic is a specialist watch for divers. It can cope in waters as deep as 200m and even has a unidirectional bezel for measuring elapsed time. It’s sturdy, tough, and shockproof and doesn’t look too bad on your wrist, either. If you’re a scuba enthusiast then we recommend this watch.

Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Diver Watch

Citizen Eco Drive Promaster Diver WatchNot only is the Citizen Eco-Drive guaranteed for depths of 200m, it also won’t look out of place in a luxury watch collection. Its solid build and flawless, functional design make it a classic waterproof timepiece. It has earned the name Eco-Drive because it’s powered by any natural light – it takes about 36 hours of full sunlight to fully charge. Then, once charged, the battery runs for 11 whole months! Crafted with earth-friendly materials, the Citizen Eco-Drive is a no-brainer for any green-minded water sports enthusiast.

Garmin Fenix 5x Sapphire

Garmin Fenix 5x SapphireArguably the most stylish waterproof watch in our selection, the Garmin Fenix 5x Sapphire is water resistant down to 100m which makes it ideal for fishing, swimming, snorkelling, and other water sports (scuba diving and jet skiing are not recommended, however). The watch is a technological tour de force; it comes equipped with GPS technology, routable cycling maps, a compass and much more. It even has a heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor, step counter and calorie tracker.

Nixon Tide Subdial Watch

Don’t be fooled by this unassumingly stylish watch. The Nikon Tide Subdial watch is water resistant in depths of up to 300m, outstripping more than a few watches in our selection. Its classic stainless steel design is ideal for both work and play, smart and casual. The watch is ingeniously powered by a Miyota Japanese quartz 6-hand chronograph, making it one of the most forward-thinking watches you’ll find on the market today. But it looks so classic! The Nikon Tide Subdial watch is a deceivingly technological watch that will sit comfortably within any collection.

Invicta 8926 Pro Diver Automatic Watch

With a water resistance rating of 660m and an uncanny likeness to the classic Rolex Submariner (but at half the price), the Invicta 8926 is a great quality waterproof watch with a great price tag. It’s constructed from high-quality stainless steel and comes with a lightweight, sleek feel. Another all-rounder, good for work and play.

Seiko SKX009K2 Diver’s Analogue Automatic Watch

The distinctive blue background on this watch is probably the first thing you’ll notice, but look under the hood and there are many other interesting features. The SKX009K2 boasts a smart-looking day and date calendar at the 3 o’clock position, as well as 22mm lugs so that you can easily customise the watch with a band of your choice. There’s also no need to wind the watch because it’s automatic movement. Easy!

Casio ‘G-Shock’ Quartz Waterproof Watch

Casio G Shock Quartz Waterproof WatchWith that classic Casio look, a water depth rating of 200m and that high-quality shock resistance you can only really get with Casio, the G-Shock is a modern technical standard for this kind of watch. Like many others in the waterproof watch market, there are limitations to how far you can submerge yourself. However, you can do anything from snorkelling and swimming to popping in the shower. It can also withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions, so if you’re an avid camper then this is the one for you.

KXAITO Sports Outdoor Waterproof Watch

KXAITO Sports Outdoor Waterproof WatchA slightly left-field selection, this one. If you’ve not heard of KXAITO before, they’re a Japanese brand specialising in military-style, functional watches that are built to last. This particular model is robust yet lightweight, functional yet stylish. It ticks all the boxes and we love it. Its only downfall is the comparatively shallow 50m water resistance rating. However, it’s incredibly cheap so, for everyday water-based activities (showering, kayaking, fishing) it’s perfect.


We’re big fans of the Aposon Business Quartz because it’s a good looking, low-key business watch that has everything you’d want from a high-end sports watch minus the blocky ‘sports’ appearance. You can wear this to business meetings safe in the knowledge that, should you come into contact with watery depths of up to 30 metres, you’re covered. Although, we’re not sure what business meetings you’re going to…

Talking seriously for a moment, it’s a fantastic watch. Simple, smart, and really functional. It’s shock resistant as well as waterproof and has a clear black display with a nice white numerical display. You can head into your next waterborne business meeting free from worry.


LUMINOX EVO NAVY SEAL BLACKOUT 305On the basis of its name alone, this watch has our vote. Sounding like a military secret weapon and a radio station all at the same time, the Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout 305.1 is water resistant up to 200m and has a PC carbon-reinforced case so it can withstand the rockiest of water-based pursuits. It’s built like a slab but feels surprisingly lightweight when it’s on. It has that substantial yet dynamic feel about it. The watch face is made from scratch resistant crystal and it has a well made rubber strap (don’t be put off, it’s what makes this such a dynamic watch).

The Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout 305.1 is a titan of a watch. As we’ve said, the name is good, too. If you’re looking for a show-stopping waterproof watch that sounds like the most impressive thing in the world, go for the Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout 305.1.


So, your watch is protected from water. What about dust and everyday damages?

You’ve got lots to choose from there. Waterproof watches belong to a market almost independent to that of regular watches, so you’re spoilt for choice.

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