5 situations when custom foam inserts will come in handy

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If you’ve invested in some pretty expensive equipment for your career or your passion, chances are you’re going to want to keep your gear as safe and sound as possible. The threat of someone pinching your kit or even losing it somewhere can all be covered by an annual insurance policy, but what about the threat of accidental damage?
At The Case Farm, we are proud to provide specially designed custom cut foam inserts to give your valuables that extra bit of protection – whether they’re in simple storage or in transit.
If you’re wondering whether it’s really necessary to buy a protective case and a customer foam insert, read on to see 5 situations where this perfect pairing would come in handy:


1. Pre-flight flinging

It’s not uncommon for our luggage to suffer some flinging and throwing about on its way to the plane. Even if you’re taking it on as hand luggage, there’s always a chance that your flight case could fall out of the overhead bins at any random moment.

What are the advantages of investing in a flight case with foam?

Having a plastic flight case with foam added into it can help to reduce or even prevent any potential damage to your equipment. Another benefit of using flight case foam inserts is that they can be laminated to ensure extra strength and puncture resistance for the journey ahead. Not to mention, a flight case foam insert is also very aesthetically pleasing to look at.
One of the best things about a foam flight case is that its material is completely reusable. Regardless of how many times your case has been used, the foam will always retain its bounce and maintain its protective qualities due to its innovative construction. With these things being said, make sure that you travel with our budget-friendly Dave 235-S.

2. On the road

If you’re out and about on the road with your equipment, you’ll want to make sure any bumps in the road or sharp turns won’t knock your kit about. Not only can things on the outside of the case damage your gear, but when it’s thrown around the boot of a car, even with standard pick and pluck foam, each component can bang into each other and cause damage to one another.

That’s where custom foam inserts can really help. With each component having their own slot within the foam, they’ll sit snugly away from one another within your protective case, without the chance of banging into one another during a bumpy road trip.. If you’re looking for that perfect on-the-road companion, our custom-foam friendly Dave 300 would be the perfect choice.

3. Stored away safely

You’ll see collectors of prized possessions doing everything they can to protect their things whilst they’re stored away. Take figurine collectors, for example. Some keep their collectables within their original packaging and also store them away in a protective case to maintain their condition and increase the value of them over time.

When you won’t be using your equipment for some time, you’ll want to make sure it’s stored away as safely and as snugly as possible.Speaking of which, take a look at the Dave Parrot Bebop 2 Case. This popular case comes with high-quality custom foam inserts.

4. Everyday effects

Whether you’re travelling in the car, heading out on a windy day, or even just moving things around at home, there are some everyday environments that could cause chaos for your valuables. A trip in the car could see your expensive kit being thrown about in the boot, whilst a drop down the stairs could see it tumbling to a frightful fate.

Even some of the simplest everyday tasks could cause some damage to your belongings, if they aren’t adequately protected. However, with a quality plastic carry case and bespoke foam inserts to hand, you can significantly reduce the chances that its contents will have even a scratch on them.

Compared with the common pick and pluck foam, our custom foam inserts can offer a better, more protective and long lasting solution for your case’s contents. Carefully tucked away within their own cosy foam spaces, they’re much less likely to suffer from knocks from the external environment and from other items in the case, too. If such protection sounds appealing to you, take a look our Dave 540-S – waterproof, dustproof, and great with custom or cubed foam.

5. Foam for the forgetful

Not only can custom foam inserts help protect your equipment from damage, they can also help you to keep on top of what equipment you need to take with you. By having a particular space within the foam for each vital component of your equipment, you’ll never forget an important piece of your kit again! Just take it from our 1485 TrekPak Insert.

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