A guide to Christmas gifts for DIYers

When it comes to buying gifts for DIYers and home improvement enthusiasts, it’s easy to feel a little uninspired. What’s exciting about a new hammer, right? Who’s getting that worked up about a new spanner set? Well, there are actually loads of great ideas surrounding gifts for DIY lovers, and all it takes is a bit of outside-the-box thinking.

With all that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best Christmas gifts for the DIYers in your life. Do you have a DIY-mad dad? How about a home improvement husband? Maybe your mum is an interior designer in the making? There’s something for everyone, so take a look: here are some of the best DIY gifts for men and women.

  1. A headlamp to light the way

Dark, confined spaces often go hand in hand with DIY. It’s just the way it is! Whether it’s fixing something in the attic or you’ve been thrust into darkness by a power cut, a trusty headlamp is an essential gift for DIY lovers.

Not only are they hands-free, they’re also ideal for other uses like running or cycling at night, camping, and generally all sorts of outdoor activities. What’s more, most run on batteries so they won’t have to worry about having another thing to charge!

Take a look at the Peli 2740 LED Headlite.

  2. A pair of durable protective gloves (that work with touchscreens!)

Traditionally, the average DIY veteran wouldn’t care for such modern troubles but the times are-a-changing. Everyone has smartphones now, which presents a conundrum for today’s DIY enthusiasts. On the one hand (no pun intended), you need a pair of thick protective gloves to protect you from all sorts of DIY-related dangers. On the other hand, however, those kinds of gloves are often clumsy when it comes to the finer functions, like operating a phone.

Believe it or not, you can now get thick, rugged gloves with fingers nimble enough to work touchscreens. They’ll still protect the DIY enthusiast in your life, and they won’t have to take their gloves off every time they get a call or message.

See the TraffiGlove 1290 Ultra Lightweight Touchscreen Gloves here.

  3. How about a personalised hammer?

Is the DIYer in your life protective over their tools? Perhaps someone at their work is always pinching their hammer? Well, this is the perfect solution: a personalised hammer! What better way to show you care than with a hammer that is theirs, and theirs alone. It would make for a pretty funny Christmas DIY gift!

Take a look at this bestselling personalised hammer on Etsy, from Hoolaroo.

  4. ‘101 Things To Do In A Shed’

From miniature model building to general fixer-uppers, this book is a tongue in cheek look at the various shed-based activities of the DIYer in your life. What are they up to in there? What’s all that noise?

With this book, you’ll not only get an insight into the dark and mysterious world of Shed Life, but you’ll also give your DIYer some new and exciting activities to try out. From weekend projects to long-term home improvement ideas, this book is great.

Here’s ‘101 Things To Do In A Shed’.

  5. The most impressive tape measure you’ve ever seen

If James Bond was into DIY, we think he’d have this exact tape measure. The Digital Laser Tape Measure not only has the traditional metal sheet fixture, but it also has an equivalent red laser metre which allows you to measure anything with minimum fuss. Having the length of metal flop around can be quite annoying, right? Not to mention when it snaps back and nearly takes your finger off.

These tape measure troubles do not apply with this particular product. It’s waterproof, really precise (we’re talking down to millimeter level precision), and it’s charged by a lithium battery. The laser range finder really makes the process of measuring something easier, and it’s a good thing to have if you’re perhaps not as mobile as you used to be. There’ll be no craning your neck or arching your back with this!

Take a look at the Hanmer Digital Laser Distance Measure here.

  6. The trusty utility knife

In toolboxes across the world, the trusty Stanley knife has pride of place. It’s one of the most useful tools you can have, and not just for DIY. Stanley knives can be used for all manner of household tasks, like opening packages for example.

Check out this personalised utility knife available from Marcella’s Engravables on Etsy.

  7. Beginner tool kit to get your DIYer started

If the DIYer in your life is a beginner, then the best thing you can get is a kit that won’t overwhelm them. Toolbox setups are so important because it will set them up for learning and getting better at the craft. It’s a good idea to have a read around – DIY for beginners doesn’t have to be intimidating!

We recommend a basic setup with just the essentials, and try not to go too cheap. Look for established DIY brands with solid reputations (they may cost a little more, but you’re paying for quality and long-term durability).

Take a look at the Halfords Essentials 60 Piece Home and Garage Tool Kit here.

  8. How about custom foam inserts?

Your DIYer may have all the tools, but how are they protecting them? Custom foam inserts are the perfect solution because they house the tools in snug and secure foam within the toolbox, safeguarding them from the many knocks and bumps common to the DIY life.

Our DIY custom foam inserts will do the trick. These Easy Peel products are truly innovative and will put your DIYer in control of their foam tool protection. All you need to do is provide us with the exact specifications of their toolbox (using our calculator page) and we’ll give you an instant quote.

Then, once the inserts arrive at your door, all you need to do is follow our Foam Tutorials guide and you’ll be on your way. You can even choose different colours!

Let’s stay in touch

There you go! It’s going to be a fantastic Christmas that your DIYer will never forget (just try not to blame yourself when they’re constantly working in the shed).

If you need any further guidance regarding our products, simply get in touch. Between our impression foam for tools and the foam padding for cases, our products are born from extensive research and development, so they’re fully tested for the most rigorous DIY work.

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