A guide to the most durable watches on the market

A Guide to the Most Durable Watches on the Market blog banner

Whether you’re out in the wilderness facing the elements or you’re just toiling away at work, you need a reliable watch that will withstand anything that comes its way.

Your watch needs to be rugged but also smart – a combination that not all watches can provide. Here, we’ve created a guide of the most durable watches on the market. These are trustworthy all-rounders and you won’t have to worry about testing their limits.

Without further ado, here it is: our guide to the most durable watches on the market!

Timex Men’s Expedition

This is a classic when it comes to durable, tactical watches. It’s a real mainstay: with its heavy duty shell, genuine leather strap, and impressive shock resistance (to I.S.O standards), the Timex Men’s Expedition is a watch you can trust.

What’s more, the Expedition range includes a few solar-powered models meaning that you can go about your business in the knowledge that your watch is powered by Mother Nature herself. The Expedition models are crafted from the best, most lifeproof materials like brass and high-spec titanium.

Timex Men’s Expedition watch

Garmin Tactix Bravo Tactical Watch

The stormtrooper of the watch world, the Garmin Tactix Bravo is a box full of tricks but it won’t let you down in the reliability department, either. It’s built with the outdoors in mind: it has its own GPS capabilities with a state-of-the-art EXO antenna, night vision application, wireless connectivity to help you out of a tight spot, and a non-reflective coating to ward off mud, sweat, tears and more.

While it’s towards the higher price range, it’s worth it if you’re tackling the great outdoors and want an extra line of defense.

Garmin Tactix Bravo Tactical Watch

Casio G-Shock GA110GB-1A

The Casio G-Shock range is renowned for durability, and it’s easy to see why. It’s fitted out with a mineral crystal dial window, shock resistance, and a water resistance of 200 metres – all to give the wearer ultimate peace of mind.

That’s not all, either. This G-Shock model has the following: an hourly time signal, a stopwatch and countdown timer, 12/24 hour formats, as well as five daily alarms. If you’re looking for a hardy, reliable watch that will withstand the elements, this is the one for you.

Casio G-Shock GA110GB-1A watch

Timex Allied Tide-Temp Compass

A tactical masterclass from Timex, the Allied Tide-Temp Compass watch is built from heavy duty carbon and has a quite handsome olive green strap. That’s not all: it’s kitted out with a tide tracker, which counts down to high or low tide so that you can, quite literally, predict the exact comings and goings of the ocean.

It’s digital thermometer measures the temperature of air and water, while the INDIGO night-light mode allows you to fully operate after nightfall just as you would in during the day. For clever watches that you can depend on, we’d recommend this Timex model (it looks seriously stylish, too).

Timex Allied Tide-Temp Compass watch

Suunto Traverse Alpha

At first glance, the Suunto Traverse Alpha looks a little simple. Basic, even. However, the magic of this watch is mostly found under the hood: it has one of the most accurate GPS navigation systems you’ll find on a watch, and it also has moon phase technology so you can plan your outdoor missions according to moon cycles (in the most accurate and least hippie-sounding way possible).

That’s not all, the Suunto Traverse Alpha is able to track your trips and how many steps you’ve taken, as well as calculating calories burned to ensure you stay at your fittest in the great outdoors. Genius!

Suunto Traverse Alpha watch

Have you thought about watch protection?

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In the meantime, why not peruse our blog section – it has lots of watch-related news pieces for both experienced collectors as well as newbies.

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