Karem develops the GNAT 750

Around the same time as the RQ-2 Pioneer production, aerospace engineer Abraham Karem, worked in his garage just outside of LA, to developed a prototype for the GNAT 750. His design was then purchased by General Atomics, an American defence contractor.

Gulf War – UAVs airborne at all times

Part way through the Gulf War, it became part of the American operations for at least one UAV to be airborne at all times.

CIA invest in GNAT 750s

During the Bosnian War, the CIA invested in two of the GNAT 750s invented by Abraham Karem, for $5million, for surveillance operations over Bosnia.

Drones on Set

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants permission for film & TV production companies to begin using drones on set.

Delivery Drones

Amazon makes the suggestion of using compact drones to deliver their packages.

Inspire 1 Launches

The DJI Inspire 1 is launched, with a brand new camera and gimbal system offering never seen before on DJI’s drones. Take a look at our Dave DJI Inspire 1 case and our Peli DJI Inspire case.

DJI Launch the Spark

The DJI Spark drone is launched, offering a small, light and affordable addition to their ever-growing range. We provide a Dave drone case and a Peli drone case for the DJI Spark.

Laws and Ethical Regulations

The popularity of drones amongst consumers grows further, which brings about the need for laws and ethical regulations.

DJI Launch Mavic Air

The DJI Mavic Air is introduced to the range, offering a 21-minute flight time, 32MP panoramas and 4K video at 30fps, to name a few features. Shop our Dave DJI Mavic Air case and our Peli DJI Mavic drone case here.

Zipline launch Medical Drone Delivery Service

Startup company, Zipline, launch their medical drone delivery service that will provide supplies to 1,000 clinics and over 12 million people in Tanzania.

Drones championed as answer to urban air pollution

Drones are championed as the global answer to urban air pollution. They will be used to record and regulate dangerous gas emissions after a prototype successfully collected measurements during trial runs.

Drones used across numerous american police departments

Numerous police departments across America use drones to analyse car crash scenes and utilise thermal imaging to help with search and rescues and fugitive apprehension.