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Whether you’re a photographer or a videographer, the gear will only get you so far. You not only need the skills and talent: the websites you host your work on are a vital but often overlooked aspect of the whole process. There’s no point being a creative mastermind if your work is hosted on a videography platform that gets just a handful of visitors every month. Ultimately, you need to be where your audience is.

With all that in mind, we’re going to break it down for you. Here are the best hosting sites for both photographers and videographers.

Best video hosting sites for videographers


The thing we like most about Wix is how the creator has all the control and can customise anything. It comes with over 500 templates, but you can change each one however you like so that the end product is completely unique to you. With Wix, you can really stand out (which is definitely a biggie when you’re one of many videographers today).

Membership-wise, you can opt for the VIP plan which caps you at two hours worth of video while the Business VIP gives you five hours. With high-res video uploads to advanced contact forms and more, Wix is a great option that will serve your videography needs well.


With unlimited storage, a mobile app, and the capability to embed from sites like YouTube, Weebly is another option to consider. The marketing suite available with Weebly is what differentiates its service from the rest. You get a bunch of SEO tools so you can work on your visibility, as well as a range of integrations including email marketing and Google Analytics. There’s also a vast range of portfolio templates to choose from.

If all that weren’t enough, the Pro Plan offers unlimited storage along with a maximum file size of 1GB when you’re uploading files.


Not just a content management system for videographers, Carbonmade suits all kinds of content creators from graphic designers to image makers and photographers. Although it’s not a straight up portfolio site like the others in our selection, you can use it in much the same way and (this is the best thing) it requires little to no HTML or coding knowledge. You can virtually go straight in and start building your portfolio. It’s very easy to use.

It’s also affordable, too. Prices are from as little as $6 to $24 a month, and you’re getting a lot to play with too. It’s definitely worth a look if you don’t want to limit yourself to videography alone.


The undisputed champion of content management systems and portfolio websites alike, WordPress has been around for what seems like forever and it’s shown no signs of leaving us anytime soon. You get a vast, vast range of themes to play around with, a never ending choice of SEO and various marketing tools, as well as thousands of additional plugins.

You can get themes that focus primarily on video uploads, and some for photographers. It’s good for whichever creative direction you want to go in, really! While setup can be a little trickier than you may find elsewhere (you may even need a bit of web development experience) it is overall a very comprehensive package that is totally worth the learning curve.


A relatively new kid on the block when it comes to creative hosting platforms, Cargo comes completely free of charge and provides a wide range of template portfolios for videographers to play with. It has its limitations but overall you get a lot for nothing so it’s a particularly good option if you’re just starting out and you’re strapped for cash.

Because Cargo has so many platforms available, it’s really suitable for any kind of creative avenue and not just videography. Give it a go!

Best hosting sites for photographers


When it comes to hosting platforms for photographers, a tasteful and fully functional platform is vital. Bluehost ticks all the boxes: they have great customer service, it comes with automatic WordPress management setup, and it’s completely beginner-friendly with tips and hints every step of the way.

You also get plenty of bang for your buck. A basic account costs just £2.26 per month and you get a whopping 50GB storage and a vast range of templates so you can get a beautiful looking portfolio set up in no time. You can upgrade for more storage and additional benefits for just £4.48 per month.

InMotion Hosting

For the more security conscious creatives of you, InMotion Hosting is a potential candidate. You’ll get a range of security tools, off-site backup (to prevent losing your whole portfolio, which could be catastrophic we think you’ll agree), and a 90-day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Its servers are really reliable, and each plan is tailored to how many visitors you receive so you don’t have to commit to a pricier bandwidth if you don’t need it (you’ll also have the option to upgrade if your demand grows). It’s not the cheapest platform for photographers, but we’d say it’s money well spent.


If you’ve not heard of GoDaddy yet, let us enlighten you. GoDaddy is another web hosting platform that has proven really popular with photographers and it’s clear to see why. There’s a three-tiered membership plan, ranging from £3.99 a month all the way up to £7.99 which makes GoDaddy very agreeably priced.

You’ll benefit from one-click WordPress hosting, a great customer service team, and Office 365 email is FREE for your first year. You’ll also receive a free domain for your first year, too. Not bad!

Which one is right for you?

Deciding which platform is best for you will depend on your goals and what you want to achieve from your hosting. If you’d like to read more about online photography and videography, take a look at the below blogs:

You can also check the rest of our content over on the blog. In the meantime, feel free to direct any questions over to our team by getting in touch here.

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