Benefits of a tool stack system

There are a number of reasons why a good tool stacking system is not only convenient, but safe, too! At the Case Farm, we supply busy go-getters with storage systems that make working from the office, the workshop or on-the-go, easier and more accessible.

Tool stacking systems are useful for keeping important equipment and tools off of the floor, creating more space in workshops and being totally customisable to your desired height and function purposes. There’s no need to go overboard with stacking systems, afterall, we don’t want to turf up past trauma of not being able to reach our favourite cereal in the supermarket.

Don’t suffer, stack it!

Repetitive strain injury is common in a lot of industries, but particularly in manual jobs. Find yourself bending down to pick up equipment constantly? Over time, this can cause significant injury to backs and knees. It is important to adjust your working space so that you can work in a not only a decluttered environment, but an environment which is safe for you, everyday.

With more people working from home in the past year, we are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of ergonomic furniture. This applies within workshops and garages too.
Highlighting the importance of having a place of permanence for specific equipment and tools, using a stacking system saves you from continuously bending down and getting on your knees.

Using custom case foam inserts is a great way to make designated spaces for the most used tools and equipment in the workshop.

Forever forgetting where you left your tools?

We’ve all been there, it’s a busy day and you’re trying to do everything at once. You place your tools down and when you need them again, you can’t remember where you left them. Through practising familiar habits, we can make working more efficient and easier to conduct by allocating specific places for equipment. Custom case foam in tool stacking systems allows you to create an insert, not only to fit the shelving but the item, too. Check out our foam calculator page to get an instant quote.

Effective tool storage isn’t something to shrug at. Whether it’s in the workplace or out in the field, being prepared and knowing where to locate everything aids productivity.

Flexible storage options

Tool stacking systems are great in so many ways. One of the most chewed over benefits is the interchangeable uses. Whether you’re moving around for work or you need to continuously rearrange space in the workshop, tool stacking systems allow you to change the layout to suit your needs. The addition of custom case foam offers an extra level of protection to your tools and equipment.

So what are the benefits to a tool stack system?

  1. Better organisation: If you don’t need it all the time, isn’t it better stowed away somewhere safe and easy to access?
  2. Ergonomic workspace: Tool stacking allows you to keep tools and equipment away from your desk, clear from the floor and out of harm’s way.
  3. Safer environment: Not only is the environment safer by clearing walkways and decluttering the floor, tool stacking reduces the amount of strain you are putting on your back and knees, minimising the chance of suffering from repetitive strain injury.
  4. Minimal maintenance: Out of sight, out of mind. The addition of a sturdy tool stacking system, looks after your tools whilst keeping your workspace clean and tidy.
  5. Layout flexibility: Stackable storage solutions allows you to chop and change the layout to suit your needs.
  6. Reduce damage: Keep everything safe with tool stacking and custom foam inserts and preserve the life of your well-invested power tools.

Utilise our DIY Custom Foam in your tool stacking system

Our DIY Custom Foam service is perfect for busy workshops using tool stacking systems, you can order foam inserts sized specifically for your needs. Use foam inserts in tools stacking systems to ensure your tools and equipment are protected, all year round. Visit our foam calculator page for an instant quote and we’ll send them straight out to you.
Not only will this keep your workspace looking tidy and clean, but it’ll also make sure every tool is kept in optimal condition. Power tools are an investment after all, and we want to warrant the best possible protection for them.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Feel free to explore our blog section, too. It’s packed with insights from the exciting world of tools and tool storage.


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