The Best Protective Camera Case for Canon 70D

Canon 70D Camera

The Canon EOS 70D is well-known in the realms of photography for its particular appeal to enthusiast photographers. Even with the introduction of its newest sibling, the EOS 80D, the older model still remains a contender, especially as it’s now available at a lower cost.

What makes the Canon EOS 70D so great?

Not only does it feel great and comfortable to hold, this excitable DSLR wows the critics for its image quality, control, responsiveness and added features, such as remote control wi-fi. Add 20.2MP, quick focus speed and various creative filters into the mix and you have a fantastic camera that’s well worth the investment.

If your photography passion lies within sports or wildlife shoots, then Canon 70D is a fantastic option to look into. Thanks to its ability to shoot images quickly, it’s the perfect companion to take with you on your quest for quality images outdoors and on the field.

5 accessories for the Canon 70D

Every avid photographer needs some additional accessories to pair with their camera. Here are 5 of our favourite accessories that work brilliantly with the Canon 70D.

  • Canon 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS lens – the recommended lens for snapping high speed sporting action. This lens is particularly good with a monopod.
  • Canon EF 50MM f/2.5 Macro lens – a fantastic and affordable lens to get you closer to nature than your camera alone would allow.
  • Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT flash gun – a powerful and effective flash that provides quality lighting for shots up to 30m away.
  • Manfrotto Digital Director – connect your Canon EOS 70D with your iPad for ultimate, real time control of your shoot.
  • Canon BG-E14 Battery Grip – provides that additional and sometimes, much needed, battery life for those once-in-a-lifetime photographic moments.

Dave 500: The ultimate accessory for your Canon 70D

There are so many different accessories that can be added to your Canon 70D’s collection, most important of which is a protective camera case for all your gear. As an enthusiast, it’s important that not only is your protective case durable, but affordable too, and we have the perfect product for you – the Dave 500 Protective Case.

Dustproof and waterproof: Perfect for those sport and wildlife shots

Whether you’re out on the field in the pouring rain, or looking to catch glimpses of something exotic in the desert, the Dave 500 will protect your camera gear from the harshest bouts of dust and rain. Thanks to its IP rating of IP67, you can rest assured that your photography equipment is fully protected from dust, and from water when immersed up to 1m.

You’re ready for travel with a Dave 500

From padded foam to divider inserts, we offer additional features to add to your Dave 500 to make your protective case as attentive as possible.

Not only that, but thanks to its dimensions, you can feel free to carry your Dave 500 onto the plane with you, rather than having to store it in the hold. That way, you can be happy knowing that your Canon 70D and its accessories will be safe to travel to your favourite photography destinations around the world.

Whatever the weather and wherever the wind takes you, prepare your Canon 70D for the ultimate sporting and/or wildlife photoshoots, with a high-quality, affordable protective case, the Dave 500.

Click here to find out more about the Dave 500 hard case and it’s customisable options!

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