Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2017: How Can You Protect your New Purchases?


The Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales usually bring with them some great deals on expensive tech. This makes Black Friday and Cyber Monday the perfect time to splash out on expensive items such as cameras, TV and games consoles.

There’s no doubt that hundreds of thousands of people have grabbed themselves some cracking bargains during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. You too have probably won yourself that coveted piece of tech you’ve been waiting all year to get your hands on.

With the arrival of your new goodies, you’ll want to make sure that they stay safe, protected and free from any damage, accidental or not.

To help you out, we’ve scoped out the best ways to protect your new purchases and keep them in mint condition for as long as possible!

Protective camera cases

If you’ve treated yourself with a new camera or equipment this Black Friday, make sure you keep it safe with a heavy duty camera case. Our wide range of cases will suit a variety of needs and purposes.

The Dave 500 is a great all-in-one budget case that will keep your camera safe at all times. This is a dustproof, robust and waterproof camera case, making it the perfect choice to start out with.

Alternatively, the Peli 1510 protector case paired with the 1510 TrekPak Insert is a great choice for photographers who are always on the go. This compact case comes with adjustable dividers and a lid organiser so that you can make the most of the space.

For more solutions, browse our full collection to find the perfect camera case to suit your needs!

Heavy duty tablet cases

If you’re looking for the perfect way to protect your brand new tablet or iPad, look no further than our collection of heavy duty tablet cases.

Our cases have been tested against military specifications, so you can have peace of mind that your Black Friday purchases will stay protected, no matter what conditions you subject them to.

Take a look at the Peli Vault Tablet case if you’re looking for the ultimate protection for your iPad. This heavy duty tablet case comes in a range of sizes, is water resistant and is made of shock absorbent material to protect your gadgets from bumps or falls.

Durable and dustproof drone cases

Drones have been a big hit throughout the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales this year and if you’ve dabbled in the drone deals yourself, you’re going to want to protect your new piece of tech.

Luckily for you, we’ve recently launched our own collection of high quality protective drone cases at an affordable price. Catering for a variety of different popular drone brands and models, your new drone will be kept safe and snug on the move, tucked away inside one of our durable cases.

Great cases for gamers

Whether you’ve bagged yourself a PS4 or Xbox, or even treated yourself to an additional controller for multiplayer games, our brand new and innovative protective gaming cases are bound to keep your new investment safe and sound.

Our gaming cases collection offers a variety of hard cases and foam inserts that, together, provide a protective home for your console or controller.

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