Camping tips and tricks for UK trips

Like many of us in lockdown, you may currently be looking for inspiration on what to do once all of this madness is over. Here’s an idea: a post-lockdown camping trip in the beautiful UK countryside.

Now, whether you’re a newbie or enthusiast, you may be in need of some helpful camper tips and tricks to ensure that your getaway will be as stress-free as possible. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our guide which contains advice on how to make camping comfortable for yourself. What’s more, we also mention some clever camping gadgets along the way. Read on!

Take the time to research beforehand

It goes without saying that the camp site you choose to stay in is going to either make or break your getaway. That being said, make sure to dedicate a good amount of time to doing some thorough research into the different camping sites out there. While doing this, it’s best to think about your own preferences and what exactly you want to get out of this trip.

Ensure you are equipped with a good sleep set up

When you are camping out in the UK wilderness, it’s important to come prepared with a good sleep setup. This includes having a tent that’s big enough for its occupants and that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. It’s also handy to bring a sleeping mattress that will offer you comfort and protection against the hard ground. Furthermore, you may also benefit from bringing a few pillows from home to target even a better night’s rest.

Don’t forget the cooking utensils

Next on our camping list of essentials are the all-important cooking and kitchen utensils. Here, we’re talking about your plates, mugs, cutleries, cooler and camp stove. If you plan to cook food from scratch during your trip, make sure to seal your fresh ingredients in plastic storage containers and store these in your cooler. It would also be a good idea to prepare a few meals for the trip and keep these in your cooler as well.

Bring appropriate clothing

No matter what season you’re camping in, it’s essential to bring layers and waterproof clothing with you. So, don’t forget to pack all of those thermal tops and socks, as well as warm jumpers and jackets. You’ll only have yourself to thank for doing this, especially when the temperatures drop during nighttime!

Don’t forget about the little things

When it comes to your camping tools kit, remembering to pack the little things is so important. Not to mention, doing this will also probably save you from a lot of frustration. Here, we’re talking about spare batteries and clothes, a portable charger, a tent repair kit, a first aid kit, toiletries, and so forth!

Don’t be afraid to pack the bigger things if you have space

We may not be referring to hot tubs here, but all good camping setups feature a picnic table and a set of chairs for everyone to settle down on. You may even want to pack an extra grill if you really want to treat yourself with the food.

Pack smart

Another key camping tip is to pack smart. By this, we mean organising all your bits and bots into assigned storage containers that are clearly labelled. Doing this will save you from a lot of stress when it comes to unpacking everything at the beginning. When it comes to dealing with the bigger things, such as your stove, you may benefit from disassembling such items to make room for everything in your vehicle.

Store and protect your camping gear in style

Worried about that bumpy car ride to the camping site? With our range of custom foam cases, your camping tools will be safely protected when you’re out on the road. With your plastic case with foam inserts, you’ll benefit from having a durable model that offers you complete control over your camping gear.

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