Can your Presents Survive Santa’s Reckless Sleighing?

Reckless Sleighing

Every year, Santa takes on the ultimate delivery run around the globe. Battling contrasting temperatures, poor visibility conditions and every element known to man, how do all of those presents get delivered without a mark on them?

We take a look at what Santa has to endure when delivering his gifts and treats on Christmas Eve and how we can help to get your fragile presents delivered without a scratch. Take a look at how you can make sure all of your presents are delivered safe and sound on Christmas morning.

Protecting from bumps and shakes

One of Santa’s biggest problems is bumpy conditions. Flying from one country to the next, through wind, rain, dust storms and maybe even a tornado or two, your gifts can expect to be thrown around quite a bit!

This is why it’s so important to make sure the contents of your presents are safe and secure within their case. Make sure any fragile items are wrapped up in protective wrapping, whether that’s bubblewrap, or even slotted securely into one of our Dave cases.

Keeping contents dry and free of dust

Obviously, whilst flying high above the clouds and through 195 different countries with different climates, you can expect a mixture of weather conditions.

Torrential rain, snow, dust storms, high winds or thick cloud can all be a struggle when it comes to making it around the world in one night. Nobody wants to open their gifts on Christmas morning to discover they’ve been damaged by water or sand. That’s why we make sure our cases protect your items from dust and dirt, whilst keeping them safe and dry in all conditions.

Damage-free Christmas gifts

When it comes to gifting someone with the perfect present, it’s important to make sure it gets to them in the best condition possible. A broken or damaged gift on Christmas morning can really put a downer on the day.

Flimsy cases and wrapping are not going to deliver your perfect Christmas present in tip-top condition, which is why we always recommend checking out our sturdy cases. Whether you are gifting your loved one with a new and exclusive game controller, a high-tech drone or even some extra special photography equipment, make sure it’s safe with Case Farm!

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