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Simple Cases

We stock a wide range of simple plastic cases. Find out more about the brands on offer and the advantages of each range here.

Advanced 170/25

235mm x 163mm x 43mm

Advanced 170/26H44

248mm x 160mm x 39mm

Advanced 170/26H60

247mm x 159mm x 55mm

Advanced 170/26H76

247mm x 159mm x 71mm

Advanced 170/28

272mm x 190mm x 73mm

Advanced 170/30N

312mm x 225mm x 115mm
Out of stock

Advanced 170/33

326mm x 228mm x 78mm

Advanced 170/37

363mm x 244mm x 115mm
Out of stock

Advanced 170/38 N

385mm x 235mm x 98mm
Out of stock

Advanced 170/44H114

434mm x 297mm x 108mm

Advanced 170/44H148

434mm x 297mm x 142mm

Advanced 170/51N

510mm x 335mm x 129mm