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From elegant dresses to sequined blazers, there is no doubt that the red carpet is made up of celebrities sporting a range of glitz and glam. Even though clothes are important, we at The Case Farm are more interested in what people are wearing on their wrist. And so, this is why we thought we should pay tribute to the classic watches worn by famous people throughout the years. After all, the status of watches just wouldn’t be the same without the iconic celebrities who have been snapped wearing them…

Elvis Presley – Omega Constellation

First on the list, we have the King himself. During Elvis’ time in the army, he sported the classic Omega. This timepiece featured a Cal. 504 manual winding chronometer and was presented in a stainless steel casebook. Unsurprisingly, the most distinguishing feature about this timepiece is its gold hour indices and luminous inserts – no wonder why Mr Presely wore it! Take a closer look at it here.

Omega Constellation watch

Steve McQueen – Tag Heuer Monaco

One of the most popular celebrity watches back in the day was the Tag Heuer Monaco. Introduced back in 1969, this timepiece’s bold sporty look was indeed a hit among consumers and opened up the doors for new advancements in the watch market. More importantly, it was Steve McQueen himself who made this watch even more popular in the classic film ‘Le Mans’. Find out more about this iconic piece here.

Tag Heuer Monaco watch

Paul Newman – Rolex Daytona

American actor Paul Newman loved this particular watch, having worn it every day from 1972 up until his death in 2008. Rolex has many stylish watches, but the Daytona is arguably the brand’s most prestigious timepiece. Having launched back in 1963, this watch boasts a classic black and white dial that is complemented by a stainless steel finish. Have a closer look at it here.

Rolex Daytona watch

Buzz Aldrin – Omega Speedmaster Professional

Now, we can’t forget about the inspirational Buzz Aldrin, also known as the man who landed on the moon back in 1969. More importantly, did you know that Aldrin was wearing an Omega Speedmaster Professional when he embarked on this monumental mission? Yes, this means that this particular timepiece was the first watch on the moon! To this day, the Omega Speedmaster Professional still boasts its classic design and is a popular consumer choice among retro watch collectors. Find out more about this timepiece here.

Omega Speedmaster Professional watch

Ellen DeGeneres – Patek Philippe

Fast forward to 2019, it seems that classic watches have indeed stood the test of time, with major vintage timepieces being reissued this year. Nowadays, many watches are characterised as celebrity watches, and Patek Philippe is one of them. This particular timepiece has been worn several times by American comedian Ellen DeGeneres on her hit talk show. Originating from Switzerland, this women’s watch boasts a stainless steel design and is accompanied by modern silver dials.

Patek Philippe watch

Kylie Jenner – Hublot

Judging from her social media and TV appearances, it seems that Kylie Jenner is a celebrity that is known for loving her watches. An example of one of her classic timepieces is the 38mm Hublot Classic Fusion King Gold Pave. When it comes to stylish ladies’ watches, this watch is everything. You’d even be pleased to know that it is equipped with a black lined rubber strap and a satin-finish titanium case. Find out more about this timepiece’s amazing features here.

Hublot watch

Bonnie Hammer – Cartier

Spotted wearing the iconic Cartier is the one and only Bonnie Hammer, the chairman of NBC Universal’s Cable Entertainment Group. Hammer was spotted wearing this timepiece to The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment breakfast back in 2015. Nowadays, Cartier is a widely well-known watch model. Take a further look at this classic women’s watch here.

Cartier watch

Oprah Winfrey – Rado

Last but not least, we have Oprah Winfrey. A classic timepiece that the American media executive and philanthropist has been snapped wearing is the diamond Rado True Thinline Quartz Watch in high-tech ceramic. Winfrey herself said that she loves this watch because “it’s easy to wear and easy to read” – and we can most certainly see why! Have a closer look at this model here.

Rado watch

Keeping your watches safe

If you do decide to bag any of these glamorous celebrity watches, make sure that these timepieces are kept in a strong waterproof watch case. At The Case Farm, we pride ourselves on providing watch cases that are made from the most durable materials.

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