Couple photography that is just plain odd…

Man Exposing Spiderman T-Shirt
We all understand that everyone can’t be photogenic, but it is important to know your limitations. As far as couples are concerned, you would hope that at least one of you would look good in front of the camera. Hope… 1.When you want a picture, but haven’t got your factor 15 on… 2.Keep practicing that smile mate… 3. “He had change for the parking meter. At that point I knew we were soul mates…” 4.Not everyone wants a ring.. 5.Which one is the right way up? 6.Just No. 6.When the wedding day takes it out of her.. 7.When your side chick wants a photo for Facebook, but there is a chance your wife might see it… 8.When she knew you was Spider man all along… Source: Awkward Family Photos

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