Creep it Real: 5 tips to capture your best Halloween photography


The pumpkins are aglow, the spirits are lurking, the cats are howling and the costumes are out in their masses. There’s nothing quite like the freaky annual Halloween celebrations we all love so much and what better way to record the memories year after year, than with some perilous and paranormal pics?

Of course, Halloween photography can be doomed for disaster, what with the eerie settings, the low lighting and those galavanting ghosts that won’t stay put long enough for your camera shutter to catch up.

But from now on there’s no need to fret or to fear – The Case Farm is here, with some Halloween photography tips that will perfectly snap even the most mysterious of moments in the moonlit mist.

1. Increase your ISO level in low light

Much of your Halloween photography backdrops will provide dark and gloomy settings that are notoriously difficult to capture on camera. Whilst you should have enough natural light as the days draws to end, you will have to increase your ISO levels when dusk draws to a close.

If you try to use flash too much, you will lose the quality that the eerie dark setting brings to your photography. Instead, up your ISO setting to at least 400 to capture some of your best photography in the dark Halloween environment. Be careful not to increase the ISO too much, otherwise you will run the risk of grainy photos – it’s best to experiment to find out what level is best for your camera.

2. Take your tripod along

When you’re trying to snap a picture in extremely dark environments, it takes some time for your camera to adjust and capture the image. This means that you’re trying to stand still for a while and eventually, the camera will capture what are often blurry and low-quality images.

With a tripod, you are able to steady the camera long enough for it to focus and capture the picture you want. Not only that, but you’ll be able to get in some of these photographs yourself!

Top tip: Use your camera’s timer along with the tripod to eliminate as much shaking as possible and to optimise the crispness of your Halloween photography.

3. Show off your pumpkin carving skills

You don’t want to spend hours on the perfect pumpkin carving creation, only for it to show up disastrously dark in the pictures you take of it. Have your pumpkin ready and waiting for when the sun goes down, then wait 20 minutes and begin your photoshoot.

Twilight is the best time of day to capture the amber glow of the candlelight glaring through your carvings, as the light should match the same level of light in the sky. It’s at this time that’ll you’ll be able to capture some dark and daunting pumpkin pictures in the outdoors, before heading inside to prepare for the evening’s events!

4. Use long exposures for an eerie ghost effect

With long exposure, you’ll be able to photograph a living and breathing soul in a ghost-like form. Bear in mind that your camera will need to be able to support at least an 8-second exposure.

Have the “spirit” stand in the scene for the first 5 seconds of the exposure, before exiting for the final 3. As a result of double exposure, the person will appear almost translucent and ghost-like. This type of image is well worth the time and effort for petrifying your pals with afterwards!

5. Add some flash for up close and personal shots

Want to capture the moment a zombie attacks, or record the creepy clown face that lurks in the dark? You’ll need to use your flash to see some high-quality detail in your photographs of the fantastic Halloween makeup.

Try to get close enough so that the flash lights up everything in the frame, but not too close so as to momentarily blind your models. A fully charged camera will also help, so that you have enough battery to capture these frightful frolics with flash and continue capturing shots throughout the night.

Protect your pics from poltergeists and party potions

You’ll want to make sure your Halloween photography and your camera equipment are protected from potential damage, to be able to relive these memories once the party is over. Be sure to take a look at our Dave range, offering a range of protective cases at prices that aren’t at all scary.

Head over to our Workshop where you can invest in some custom foam inserts, to give your case that added protective layer for your equipment.

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