Customising cases: what are my options?

Peli T90 Custom Case

Nothing quite beats the excitement of buying a new case. That feeling you get one you see the delivery van pull up outside and run downstairs like an excited child on Christmas Day. But sadly, there’s nothing quite as heart-breaking as when you open it up and think “this case is so not me”.

Fortunately, there’s a huge range of options at your disposal when it comes to customising a case. And conveniently we’re able to provide them all.

  1. Foam Party

The big one. If you don’t want your gear to be rattling around like a loose Barbie in the back of a van, foam is an ideal way to protect almost anything you keep in your case. Through our Workshop you can enquire about creating custom foam which is certainly more cost effective when buying multiple cases, or for those smaller needs there’s always cubed foam or Peli’s “pick ‘n’ pluck”, which allows you to easily turn your generic case into a bespoke object holder. Happy days.

  2. Wheel & drag it

Many cases come with the option of adding wheels and a retractable handle to turn your inconveniently heavy briefcase into a smooth-wheelin’ masterpiece. It really depends on what you plan on doing with your case but it’s often a good choice to make it mobile.

  3. Labels, nameplates & printing

For the superficial amongst you that really just want your case to be more aesthetically pleasing than everyone else’s, having a custom label or nameplate added to your case can make all the difference. Not only will it make your cases look highly presentable, they can also just be pretty useful for identifying what’s what.

This is by no means a definitive list of case customisations but more of a quick summary of some of the most common choices. If you’d like to see some more examples of these edits in action, take a look at our Workshop pages, or to speak to an expert – just get in touch.