DIY hacks for baby proofing your house

Keeping your little ones safe is every parent’s top priority. Buying the latest baby proofing must-haves can be expensive, and is not always necessary. To help you keep your home child friendly and on a budget we have created this handy guide full of DIY hacks to help you.

Protect them from sharp edges

Sharp edges, like the edges of coffee tables, can be dangerous for children. Especially when they start crawling and walking on their own. Create some foam bumpers, using our DIY custom foam, to go around the edges of your coffee tables, door edges and any other sharp corners to prevent a nasty bump to the head.

Keep cabinets closed

Opening up cupboards and cabinets can be a fun activity for babies and kids to do. Depending on the contents of the cupboards can make this an unsafe experience, for your children, especially in the bathroom and in cleaning cupboards. Using hair bobbles or elastic bands to keep the cabinets closed.

Secure the toilet paper

When it comes to toilet paper, kids can be like cats. They just love unrolling it. An easy way to prevent them from unrolling it is to secure your toilet roll with a hair bobble by placing it over the toilet roll.

Tape over plug sockets

Plug sockets can be a big attraction for curious fingers. Duct taping over your plug sockets can be an easy way to prevent your little ones from getting into trouble.

Keeping them out of the wardrobe

Many kids like to hide in the wardrobe, but if you want to stop your little one from getting into your wardrobe and putting their messy fingers all over your clothes, there is an easy and inexpensive way to fix this. Simply put a plastic coat hanger over your door handles over the two door handles and voila! A cheap child lock is complete.

Hide cords with sticky hooks

Tugging on cords can be a favourite pastime for many kids, but it has its risks as cords are often attached to heavy items like lamps, speakers or other appliances. An easy way to prevent this is by attaching some sticky hoops to your furniture and threading the cord through them. An easy way to remove any pulling temptations that may arise.

In general, if a surface is hard or sharp chances are your child will find it and take interest in it. Our DIY Foam service can help protect your child from accidents and also keep furniture safe from any mischief your little ones may find themselves in.

In the meantime, you get in touch with our team for more information. You can also look through our blog for more DIY and storage hacks that will make your life a little bit easier.

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