DIY makeup storage ideas for small spaces and tiny places

As more of us seek out city centre living, apartments and studio flats are becoming the norm for young professionals across the UK. Although the balconies and spectacular views are undeniably appealing, the lack of space can sometimes be a drawback.
Luckily, here at The Case Farm, we’re DIY hacking experts and we’ve put together an extensive guide on how to make the most of small spaces and tiny places.
Specifically, we want to take you into the world of DIY makeup storage. We’ve found that over the years, our foam inserts can be useful for storing and organising your favourite and most used makeup.

Makeup storage ideas


Using rails allows you to utilise a small space by storing items above the head and off the floor. IKEA stocks a range of handy rail options, much like the SUNNERSTA rail. We love this as a make-up storage solution; hang pots from the rail, and instead of a rose, fill it with makeup brushes. This leaves more space for makeup to be stored away from brushes and organised in drawers with custom foam.

Underbed storage

While most cosmetics can be used all year, certain products, such as glitter, some eyeshadows, and green and red nail polish, aren’t always needed right away. This is why we recommend using underbed storage as much as possible.

The FREDVANG underbed storage box is a useful tool on wheels. Using our DIY Custom Foam, you can create the perfect safe space for your festive make-up.

Cabinet storage

A cheap DIY hack for storing makeup is to opt for cabinet storage everytime. Affordable cabinets with one or more shelves are useful ways of keeping everything safe and tidy in small spaces.

Why not use a railing to provide additional storage on the inside of the cabinet door? You’ll be able to make the most of the extra room this way.

Drawer inserts

You’ve probably seen Malm drawer organisers, which are great for bits and bobs of makeup. However, if you have specialty products that need a specific place, using custom foam allows you to cut out the exact shape of the product.

Spice rack re-birth

Turning a spice rick into a clever piece of storage for all your various colours of nail polish is a neat way to store makeup – not to mention it’s easy and affordable, too. From nude all the way to black, show off the colours of the rainbow in your small space with this cheap DIY hack.

Shelving storage

KALLAX shelving units are renowned for being tinkered with; add doors, insert drawers and now, fill them with foam. Because of how little space they take up and how much stuff they can store, these units are especially useful in small spaces.

Store makeup effectively rather than having everything all over the place – custom foam allows you to create cutouts for each item you wish to protect. It’s also a plus if you’re trying to find anything!

Our DIY Foam service is perfect for saving space in small apartments and flats – you can order foam inserts sized specifically for your needs. Visit our DIY Foam calculator page for an instant quote and we’ll send them straight out to you. Not only will this keep your living space looking clean and organised, but it’ll also make sure every product is preserved and kept in optimal condition.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for more information. Feel free to explore our blog section, too. It’s packed with insights from the exciting world of DIY and storage!

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