DIY projects for summer

Summer opens up so many fun possibilities for DIY projects. The days are longer so what better time to enjoy the outdoors and craft some garden accessories to brighten up your outdoor space. DIY projects are also great for filling time in the summer holidays when you’re stuck for things to do.

Add a garden path

Let’s start with a simple outdoor DIY summer project. Garden paths can give the illusion of a bigger space, as it is leading you to another area of the garden. The time it takes to lay a new path is dependent on its length and the materials you use. Mulch is the quickest and most cost-effective material for a garden walk, but if you’re prepared to spend a little more, gravel, bluestone, and brick are all excellent choices. Make a new edging out of metal, stone, bricks, or even wine bottles to update an old route.

Create a colourful concrete stool

Do you struggle with finding enough seats when you have people over for a BBQ? This project is the perfect way to introduce more seating in your garden while getting a little creative at the same time. In a bucket, combine concrete powder and water, then add wooden dowels for legs. Allow it to dry completely before removing the stool from the bucket and painting the seat in a colour of your choice.

Set up a succulent tower

Here’s one for any budding gardeners and plant enthusiasts! Succulents are an easy plant to look after, and perfect for a low-maintenance garden centerpiece. Here’s how to create a succulent tower that you can proudly put on display.

  1. Firstly, play around with the structure of your tower. You’ll want larger terracotta bowls at the bottom and then work your way upwards with smaller bowls.
  2. After painting your pots, allow them to dry overnight.
  3. In the chosen area for your vertical garden container, place the tallest pot upside-down. This is your base.
  4. Place the broadest bowl on top of your upside down pot. Then stack smaller pots one on top of the other. The succulents will then grow around each bowl.

Create some custom throw pillows

This is one for entertaining the kids over the summer holidays and it can be enjoyed outside or inside, depending on the weather. Make your own cushion covers by drawing petal shapes on basic solid-colour pillows using fabric markers and pens. Allow the ink to dry before covering a pillow with your artistic creation and placing the pillows on your patio furniture. Make sure to store them away before autumn settles in and look forward to bringing them out again in the spring.

Cane coasters

Unglazed ceramic coasters can be painted whatever colour you want! Ideal for updating from spring to summer!

  1. Cut the caning into pieces that are a little bigger than the coasters, so you have room to trim down after glueing.
  2. Apply adhesive spray to the backs of the caning, then adhere to the coasters, applying a small amount of pressure.
  3. Allow a few hours to set before painting with a colour of your choice.
  4. With scissors, cut away any excess caning.
  5. You’ll have updated coasters perfect for the outdoors in no time!

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