Everything you need to know about our custom foam and protective cases combo

Coloured Foam

Here at the Case Farm, we’re constantly on the lookout for new and interesting ways to give everyone the protection they need for their things. From our innovations in the drone market to our ongoing work in the watch community, we continue to break new ground with our products.

Now we’ve turned our attention to improving the safety and security of our protective cases, with the addition of bespoke custom foam inserts, made to measure! With our custom foam service, you can add a custom foam insert to your protective case, designed to fit your equipment snugly for that added bit of protection.

If we’ve caught your attention and you want to find out more about our custom foam and

protective cases combo, read on to discover to everything you need to know about them!

The combo can be completely unique to your needs

Perhaps you’re a photographer looking for somewhere to put your camera, lenses and accessories all in one place without the worry of them damaging one another. Or you could be a tradesman worried about leaving one of those vital tools or components behind. Whatever your reasons for being interested in a custom foam insert and case combo, we can give you what you need.

Using our advanced CAD software and industry leading machinery, our designers are able to create specific slots within the foam for whatever shape or size you need it to be, so no matter how wonderfully weird your items may be, we’ve got it covered.

Ultimate protection for your belongings

Whilst our protective cases provide dustproof and waterproof qualities to help keep nature’s threats away from your things, our custom foam offers a soft padding to surround them with, that will help to cushion any fall they might face.

The two together provide a safe haven for your valuables for when you’re out and about, where you could be faced with dangerous and damaging environments for your contents.

A combo that’s made to last

Compared to pick and pluck foam that you might have used in the past, our custom foam inserts are designed to last longer, which offers more value for your money as well as added protection for longer.

Don’t forget that our protective cases are made using high quality materials at an affordable price, so whilst you’re paying less than you might do with some of our competitors, you’re still getting a protective case that’s built to last.

Customisation to make your case recognisable

Customise Your Case

From plastic carrier bags to branded trainers, we’re all used to seeing logos and brands splashed across every surface, so why not do the same for your own brand?

Whilst we’re not suggesting that you wear t-shirt or baseball cap with your logo on it, (you can if you want, we won’t judge!) what about a branded protective case to carry your kit in? Your company logo will be there for all to see, wherever you are in the world.

Not only is a custom case great for brand identity, it’s a great option for when you’re travelling, too. It happens all too often where we’re saddened to discover that our cases have been mistaken for someone else’s and have been taken away from us. You see it happen quite a lot in airports with suitcases but the same thing can happen to your protective cases, too.

With our case customisation service, you can add labels, printed designs or nameplates to your protective case, all of which can help to make it more unique and instantly recognisable to you. You’ll never again have to go through the traumatic experience of wondering where your things have disappeared to!


Your custom foam can be adapted to any of our protective cases

We can make your custom foam insert fit with any of our protective carry cases, so you have the added benefit of getting to choose the best case for you! If you haven’t invested in your protective case just yet, why not take a look at our most popular product, the Dave 300. This could be the start of something very special – the journey to complete protection for your valuables!

See the Dave 300

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