If you’ve taken your gaming skills to a professional level, chances are you’ll have been invited to take part in some of the biggest gaming events across the globe.

From the likes of EGX in Birmingham, to E3 in LA, these unmissable video game conventions offer you the chance to build both your profile and your skills as a professional gamer.

As a professional gamer en route to some of these exciting destinations, we’re sure you’ll want to make sure all of your gaming gear is protected during your travels.

That’s where our protective cases come in handy – our range provides a number of durable, travel-proof cases designed to fit your consoles, controllers and accessories snugly and safely for travel.

Whether you’re on the lookout for an Xbox one travel case or a PS4 portable gaming station you can count on the Case Farm’s protective gaming cases to deliver exactly what you need.

Read on to discover more information on the biggest and best gaming events to attend, both nationally and internationally, as well as some tips to help you take care of your gaming equipment when travelling with your gaming gear.

The best international gaming events and tournaments

Don’t limit yourself to what’s on offer here in the UK, there’s a whole host of other events across the globe.

Thinking of leaving your games console at home whilst you fly? There’s no need to worry about damage when you can pack up a travel gaming suitcase, safe in the knowledge that your Xbox One or PS4 will be safe and secure throughout your journey.

With one of our gaming cases, you won’t think twice about booking your ticket and jetting off these exciting video game events in Denmark, Germany, the USA, Japan.

Take a look at the biggest video game conventions across the globe.

Protect your consoles and controllers from travel damage with one of our console carrying cases

If you’re competing in an international gaming event, you’ll most likely want to take your own console and controllers with you to ensure you give your best performance. This means packing up your gaming gear and taking it all with you on your travels.

Of course, it’s not uncommon for luggage to leave home in perfect condition and to arrive at its destination with a scratch, dent or more severe levels of damage, so you’ll want to make sure your kit is fully protected from any knocks, bumps or any other accidents that it could sustain.

Our range of heavy duty console cases and protective controller cases provide you with the ultimate protection for your equipment. We’re proud of our cases’ capabilities, offering high levels of dustproof, shockproof and waterproof protection; what more could you want from a protective console case?

Better yet, each of our gaming cases come with custom foam inserts that have been designed to fit your console, your controllers, or both, fitting them snugly into the protective foam.

This custom foam fit makes sure your gaming equipment fits neatly into your protective case, each in their own individual compartments, so you don’t have to worry about any knocks or scrapes they could have otherwise caused to one another.

Browse our range to find the best protective video game console case for you.

Peli console and controller cases – premium protection for your kit

Peli cases are renowned for their rugged, durable qualities, built to military spec and offering protection like no other. Featuring waterproof and dustproof seals, along with crushproof protection and a lifetime guarantee, it’s no wonder why so many people choose a Peli protective case over any others on the market.

Here at the Case Farm, we offer a number of Peli protective gaming cases, so if you’re looking for the very best protection for your gaming gear on your travels, look no further.

Trusted, affordable protective gaming cases from the Dave range

Here at the Case Farm, we’re proud of our homegrown Dave cases, trusted by many of our customers for their hard, durable exterior and waterproof and dustproof seals.

Our protective gaming cases are one of the latest additions to the Dave range, offering incredible protection for your gaming gear at an affordable price. These protective cases are the perfect solution for anyone with concerns about travelling across the country or overseas with their consoles and controllers.

Like our Peli gaming cases, the Dave range of gaming cases are also paired with our custom foam inserts, so all that’s left for you to do is slip your console and controllers into their individual slots, close the lid and lock everything up, and you’re good to go! You’ll have a pleasant trip to the many gaming events on your itinerary, all the while knowing that your expensive equipment is safe from harm.

Preparing your console and controllers for travel

To keep your consoles, controllers and any other gaming equipment in the best condition during your travels, it pays to clean everything before you leave and again when you arrive.

That way, you’ll minimise the amount of dust on your gaming gear, as well as keeping the inside of your protective gaming case clean, optimising its levels of protection.

Dustproof and waterproof protective gaming cases

With their dustproof and waterproof features, you won’t have to worry about pesky dust particles or potential water damage getting to your clean and shiny controllers in one of our gaming cases.

We have heavy duty console carrying cases for all budgets to fit the most popular consoles on the market today. Invest in your very own travel gaming case today, to keep your gaming gear safe from harm and to have it looking sharp and dust-free when you arrive your gaming events.