Halloween crafts for kids

Well, it wouldn’t be October 31st without a bit of crafting – and whilst this might be titled ‘Halloween craft for kids’ – there’s no harm in any respective adult getting stuck in this spooky season.

This guide aims to bring you some of the best Halloween craft ideas for kids that you can do alongside them – but hang tight, you might require some tools as these are considered slightly more intricate than your bog-standard pumpkin carving. Ready? Grab your ghouls, let’s go!

Halloween Wreath

Wreaths most certainly do not only need to be reserved for St. Nick and his reindeers, there’s a place in Frankenstein and Edward Szizzorhands heart for wreaths, too. This can be as orange and cosy as you like, or as creepy and crawly as you desire – there really is no limit or guideline for making this statement piece!

We recommend using potpourri for that autumnal Halloween-ey touch, which can easily be enhanced with cobwebs, plastic spiders – heck, even some googly eyes will add a touch of spook this season! To ensure all the small elements stay firmly in place, try using a glue gun – be careful with this tool around children, they will need to be supervised at all times.

Devilish Decorations

Simple but effective, why not try painting stones with fun Halloween themes? This craft comes with the opportunity to go for a walk to scavenge the stones, a day out combined with an indoor rainy day activity, too! Paint stones with any pattern you desire and drill holes in them to hang them from the ceiling to create a spooky atmosphere this Halloween – be sure to use a power drill, parents will need to handle this part of the process.

If you don’t want to drill them, you can place these on windowsills, and in fireplaces for an equally haunting house. What’s more, these can be placed at the front door for trick or treaters!

DIY Lanterns

Lanterns are a surefire way to spook up the house this Halloween, whilst having fun crafting your own design, too. For DIY lanterns you’ll need a variety of odd bits which you’ll either have lying around the house, or you can pick them up easily online or in-store. Firstly, grab a bunch of old jars (make sure you wash out the pickle smell first), and decide whether you want to light them up electronically or manually.

LED cork bottle lights are an effective and safe way to keep your lanterns lit for longer, or you can use tealights. We recommend decorating the jars with cheesecloth, securing with PVA glue or a glue gun, to get a base design. Once applied, leave to dry then add whatever you like; googly eyes, plastic spiders, cobwebs – get creative!

Break for a HalLOLween joke

Why do demons and ghouls always hang out together?
– Because demons are a ghoul’s best friend.

Dripping, drooling candles

If you’ve been to an underground bar in Berlin, or simply a quirky cosy pub in the UK, you’ll have seen old gin and wine bottles with wax dripping down them. If you’ve ever wondered how these are made, it’s actually very easy! Just pick out your favourite bottles, and get some dinner candles – if you want to create a creepy drip effect then put them outside in the wind and watch the waxxy-stalactites appear! Just make sure you don’t leave them completely unattended.

For best results, burn the bottom of the candle before putting it inside the bottle, that way it’ll stick and you won’t run the risk of losing wax formations! Kids will need to be attended for this craft.

Protect your tools with DIY foam

All these projects will require some sort of adult supervision, so providing you’ve got the tools for the occasion, make sure your tools are protected with DIY foam. At Case Farm, we work in partnership with a top manufacturer of custom foam and tool box foam inserts, which can be made to your exact requirements.

Simply get in touch with us today for a quote, and keep your tools and accessories protected year on year. Why not take a look around our blog section, too? Filled with more handy DIY hacks, craft ideas and storage must-knows! Whatever you do this Halloween, have a fang-tastic night, and come back next year for more easy Halloween crafts for kids!

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