How does the technology of Tomorrow’s World fare today?

Tomorrow's World Today

For 38 years, the hit BBC series, Tomorrow’s World, was loved and enjoyed by millions of families across the UK. Delivering demonstrations of up and coming technologies and sensational scientific predictions, the show gave us an insight into what we could expect to be the norm in the future, both near and far.

From home computers to mobile phones – even the robotic vacuum cleaner – fast forward a fair few years and some of the gadgets from the show have certainly made their way into the  mainstream market. That being said, technology has advanced so rapidly and unexpectedly, that the modern world is now consuming some spectacular technology, that the presenters and inventors from Tomorrow’s World would never have even dreamed of!

In our guide, find out more about the best of Tomorrow’s World predictions and some of technologies they flawlessly foresaw. You will also read about a few of the technologies of today, which were never even discussed on the show.


Tomorrow's World infographic

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