How to care for your Breitling watch

How to care for your Breitling watch

If you’ve invested in a Breitling watch, you’ll want to ensure it’s properly looked after. Whether you wear it daily, or just for special occasions, there are a few steps you can take to prolong the lifespan of your Breitling and preserve its beauty.

In the following guide, we’ll look at some of your most frequently asked questions in regards to the care and maintenance of your Breitling watch.

How do I clean my Breitling watch?

Breitling watch cleaning tips

You can clean the metal bracelet on your Breitling watch using a toothbrush and liquid soap, then rinse it under a gentle stream of water. It’s best to do this often to avoid cosmetics or dust building up and irritating your skin.

Caring for leather straps

If your Breitling watch has a leather strap, keep it away from water, cosmetics, chemicals and damp environments. Some Breitling watches are waterproof, but leather straps are not. Investing in a Breitling cleaning kit will help your leather strap look as good as new.

Looking after your waterproof watch

If you have a metal or rubber strap on your Breitling watch, it may be suitable for aquatic activities such as swimming. However, it’s important to rinse your watch after using it in water.

If your watch is intended for use in chlorinated or salt water, carefully rinse your watch head and strap under a gentle stream of water, and dry it with an absorbent cloth. You might also need to remove condensation and defog your watch.

Do I need to service and repair my Breitling watch?

It’s important to regularly service your Breitling watch, as preventing any damage now is easier and cheaper than fixing a potential, bigger problem in the future.

Similarly to owning a car, regular servicing could help extend the life of your Breitling. The official advice from Breitling is to book a service every two years via a certified Breitling maintenance service.

This service will include cleaning of the case and bracelet, changing all seals and checking your watch’s functionality and water resistance. Any necessary repairs to your Breitling will be carried out during the service, also.

How do I protect my Breitling when I am not wearing it?

When you’re not wearing your Breitling watch, you’ll need to properly store it to keep it protected and avoid any unwanted damage.

If you are lucky enough to have a few different watches, explore our range of protective watch cases to ensure your watches are fully protected from any scratches or potential damage.

With a little love, care and maintenance, your Breitling watch will be with you for many years to come.

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