How to care for your Montblanc watch

How to care for your Montblanc watch

Whether you own one or multiple watches as part of a collection, Montblanc watches are some of the most stylish and luxurious watches you can invest in. Because of their price tag, demand and popularity, there’s no doubt you’ll want to take good care of your Montblanc watch.

After all, a Montblanc watch is an investment for the future and you could even decide to pass it down to a family member, so it’s no surprise you’ll want to ensure it remains in great condition.

Without understanding the correct ways to clean, service and protect your watch, you could be doing it more harm than good. Discover below the ways in which you can keep your Montblanc watch as good as new.


There is no need to invest in an expensive watch cleaning kit to clean your Montblanc. In fact, they simply recommend that you use a toothbrush and a little lukewarm water to remove any chemicals or marks. Afterwards, you can rinse it with fresh water and dry it using a soft cloth. If you don’t have a soft cloth, you can simply let it dry naturally.

You should never use soapy or salt water to clean your Montblanc watch. Both of these methods could affect its functionality and cause external damage. If you own a calf, alligator, satin or rubber Montblanc strap, you should also avoid salty or soapy water, along with humid environments and cosmetics. It’s important to handle any diamonds on your watch in the same way and with complete care.

If you’re worried about condensation in your Montblanc watch, read our watch defogging guide for plenty of information on removing water droplets.

Mantblanc Watch


Don’t worry if your watch does get damaged as it can often be repaired. It’s best to take your watch to a certified Montblanc care and repair centre, where they can repair your watch with original pieces.

To prevent any further repairs in the future, it’s important to get your Montblanc watch serviced every 2 years or so. Again, you should always book this service via a certified Montblanc maintenance service, or your local Montblanc boutique.

Montblanc watch service cost

The cost of your Montblanc watch service will depend on the repairs that are required. A simple battery service on a Montblanc quartz watch will cost you just £34, while a complete Montblanc service will cost £342. Visit the Montblanc website for a complete price list.


One of the best ways to protect your Montblanc watch from any damage is to invest in a watch collection box or case. Our protective watch cases are a great way to keep your watches safe when you’re not wearing them, or when you’re travelling. 

You’ll want to ensure your watch case is both waterproof, crushproof and dustproof. Often, the best watch cases are fitted with protective foam inserts to secure and protect all of your watches.

Montblanc watch cases

Our Peli 6x Watch Case, and our Peli 10x Watch Case, are popular choices amongst watch collectors and those lucky enough to have multiple watches. This is also a great option if you’re looking to store your Montblanc watch away at night. With a Montblanc watch box, you can be confident your prized possession is kept away from any dust or potential damage.

From Montblanc and Rolex to Breitling and Omega, our protective watch cases are a great fit for many watch brands.

There’s no doubt you’ll want to take good care of the other watches in your collection, so check out our Oris, Breitling, Rolex and Tag Heuer care guides.



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