How to care for your Omega watch

how to care for your Omega watch

Omega watches are some of the most collectable watches on the market, not to mention some of the most luxurious to own. When you invest in an Omega watch, you want to make sure you are taking good care of it, to help it increase, rather than decrease in value.

Knowing exactly how to take care of your Omega watch can be tricky. Without knowing the right way to clean, service and look after your watch, can mean you run the risk of causing irreparable damage.

Our article gives you clear and helpful tips on how to take proper care of your Omega watch. This is important for any watch, because you’ll not only ensure your watch looks its best but you’ll also prolong its life.

Cleaning your Omega watch

Cleaning your watch doesn’t have to be complicated, but it is worth taking extra care on the more delicate mechanics.

Get a small toothbrush, travel brushes work well, some hot soapy water and gently scrub the watch. Don’t press too hard, gently brush the watch to clean around any parts that may be difficult to reach with a cloth.

Once you’re done, dry with a soft, clean cloth. Microfibre cloths can work well or small glasses cloths are also great tools for drying. This approach will ensure that the metals on your watch are not dealt with too roughly.

Preventing damage

When you aren’t wearing your Omega watch, make sure to keep it in a safe and secure case. Our protective watch case is the perfect way to keep your Omega watch safe from dust, water and any knocks or bangs.

It can be tempting to keep your watch in a simple box or on a desk, but when you have invested so much in your Omega watch, it is worth finding the very best way to keep it safe from anything that could decrease the value of the watch. Even though Omega watches are shock resistant, you don’t want a particularly hard knock to make the watch irreparable.

To ensure that your Omega watch stays in the best condition possible, here are a few preventative care methods you should undertake.

  • Be wary of chemical exposure. Exposure to chemicals (say, if you’re working with cleaning chemicals) will corrode metals and discolour most materials.
  • Know your watch’s waterproof rating. If you don’t know your rating and you take your watch deeper than it can handle, you’ll damage it for good.
  • Store your watch mindfully. Instead of lightly throwing it on your nightstand before you sleep, place it on some material or, better still, the box it came in.
  • Look up your warranty details. If something does happen to your watch, keep your warranty in mind. Omega has a very generous 5-year warranty.

What products to use on your Omega watch

When it comes to cleaning your Omega watch, do not use any harsh chemicals like detergents, solvents or perfumes, as this could damage the watch.

As mentioned above, some warm soapy water is all your watch needs when it comes to cleaning. Using natural soap products with limited chemicals is the best option for this.

Servicing your Omega watch

Servicing doesn’t need to be done too often, every 3-5 years should be enough, but if you find any problems, it’s always worth booking in an early service.

Services should always be carried out by a professional and never at home. Servicing on your Omega watch involves taking your watch apart completely and making sure all of the mechanics are in a good working order and cleaned. Sending your watch to an official Omega servicing centre is highly recommended, or sending it to Omega directly.

By following all of these tips, you’ll ensure your Omega watch stays in excellent condition for longer. This makes the watch a much better investment for the long term and allows the watch to be a perfect addition to any watch collection.

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  1. Denise Walker says:

    I love my Omega watch. I purchase it in 12/18. I’ve purchased 3 bands because the white crocodile band discolored and unable to clean with soapy water for mentioned reason. This is truly a disappointment on my luxury watch.

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