How to keep valuables safe when you fly

Whether you’re a frequent flyer or not, you’ll absolutely want to keep your valuables safe while travelling by plane – especially if you’re travelling with valuable items such as laptops or camera equipment.

Flying is renowned for being one of the safest modes of transport, but unfortunately not for your belongings. Airport thefts have been on the rise in recent years, particularly with on-board thieves found rummaging through bags on board flights in Europe. Baggage handlers have also made the headlines for mishandling transported goods. If you’re looking to take extra precautions to keep your valuables safe when flying, here are our top tips.

Secure your bag

If you’re packing valuables items when flying, you can protect them by adding a lock to your bag or suitcase. Chances are you’ll feel much more comfortable placing your valuables in the hold if they’re safely locked away. And, even if your valuables are ‘safely’ in the cabin, a secure bag should ward off any thieves.

Wrap your bag

Have you ever noticed hoards of tourists dashing through the airport with clear wrapped suitcases? As it turns out, wrapping your bag is not only a great technique to keep the bag safe from damage (we’ve all seen those baggage handling videos) but it could also deter keen-eyed thieves.

Dive into the details of your travel insurance

Some travel insurance policies offer greater cover for lost, stolen or damaged valuables. Before purchasing your travel insurance, make sure you’ve checked the ins and outs of the baggage cover and the excess offered. This way, there will be no nasty surprises should anything happen to your valuables and you should be able to safely claim back any losses.

Pack carefully

Whether you’re placing your valuables in the hold or in the cabin, you should always pack carefully. During a flight, it’s likely your valuables will get thrown around in the overhead lockers or hold compartment. But don’t worry, a compact way of packing will help to minimise any in-flight damage. Use a smaller bag to pack things in tightly and use any softer items, such as items of clothing, to shield your valuables.

Utilise protective foam

If you’re packing expensive valuables (such as high-tech equipment, personal devices or jewellery) you could add an extra layer of protection by using custom foam. Our custom foam inserts can be cut to size and shape, so you can order your very own custom foam to fit your travel bag or suitcase.

We also have foam storage cases in stock which are ideal if your valuables include:

Try our DIY custom foam service

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In the meantime, keep an eye on our blog section for even more top tips like this!

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