How to make a custom flight case foam insert

Whether you’re a travelling musician, a sound engineer or just a humble roadie, you’ll know the importance of sturdy and reliable equipment storage. Enter: the flight case. Almost an extra member of the entourage, your flight case has probably saved your equipment more times than you know. Between heavy-handed baggage handlers and opportunistic thieves, there are numerous risks to your equipment while on tour and you need the right storage solutions to manage risk.

Now, because we’re firm believers of DIY we support the idea that you can actually do it yourself. Which is why we’ve written this here article to help you use custom foam for flight case building. You can finally realise your wildest DIY flight case dreams. Let’s go!

Making a flight case foam insert

We can show you how to significantly improve the protective potential of your flight case by using custom foam to take care of your valuable instruments and related audio equipment.

Here are the steps you need to follow. You’re going to be using our brand new DIY custom foam service courtesy of Easy Peel, so you’ll be getting the very best. Here goes.

How Easy Peel works

All you do is measure and record the specifications of your flight case (as well as the depth, length, and width of the item you’re protecting), and share them with us via our DIY custom foam calculator (don’t forget to pick your colour – there are four!). We’ll then give you an instant price for these custom sheets of foam, you’ll complete the order and we’ll send them straight to you.

Once you’ve received your order, follow these steps.

Step 1

Here’s where you trace. Place the item you want protected on the foam and carefully trace around with a sharp knife.

Step 2

Now, you peel. Pull back the layers of foam to make as much depth as you need for your flight case item.

Step 3

Simply place the item into the pockets you’ve made and you’re good to go.

The ultimate DIY option

Thanks to DIY custom foam, you have the ultimate choice when it comes to doing it yourself. We can help with even the most precise specifications, and we’ve made the process so easy.

You have other options, too

For those who want the job done by us, you’ll benefit from some truly cutting-edge machinery with water jets, CNC routing and even laser engraving. Simply order the custom foam as it comes. It’s entirely up to you!

Our team can help you

If you have any questions or further enquiries, our team is always available. Simply call 0800 8400 166, or take a look at our FAQs and fill out the enquiry form.

In the meantime, be sure to swing by our blog section. Whether it’s advice on taking care of your microphone or your camera equipment, it’s definitely worth a read-through.

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