How to make jewellery box inserts

If you have a collection of fine jewellery, you need a proper storage solution to keep your jewellery safe. Some people go for a little jewellery dish, while others prefer ornate hand-shaped jewellery holders (you know, those mannequin hands).

We recommend that you try jewellery box foam inserts. With custom cut foam, you can easily cut your own jewellery inserts that will keep your fine jewellery safe and snug. You need very few materials to get started and, once you’re done, you’ll have a perfect jewellery box foam setup.

Let’s get started!

First, you need some small wooden boxes

The first thing you need to do is get a hold of the boxes. You can either make them yourself with some basic carpentry skills or just purchase them from a hobbyist store. Your box can be as simple or decorative as you like, because what you’re going to do is line the box insides with protective foam.

Get your foam ready

Now is the time for you to get your foam. You have two options: using a large sheet of foam, lay it inside your wooden box and use a sharpened tracing tool (or a sharp knife will suffice) to trace an outline for your box. Once you have traced the outlines for the internal dimensions of your box, simply cut along the lines and use superglue to fix the foam to the insides of your box. Just a little glue will be enough and don’t forget to cut foam for your lid.

Your second option is to use DIY custom foam. Easy Peel allows you to request custom foam inserts according to your own specifications – just let us know the dimensions you need your foam to be, and we’ll cut it to size. We use two-tone layered foam (it’s more secure than your average foam products, and you have a choice of colours too) and all you need to do is cut and peel away layers of foam to create pockets for your items. This method is much easier than the first and you can guarantee that you’ll get precisely cut inserts. Just give us the measurements of your jewellery box and we’ll take care of the rest!

Send us your measurements

To take advantage of our DIY custom foam service, send us the dimensions for your jewellery box foam via our DIY custom foam measurements page. It’s a very easy method. With your exact measurements, we provide an instant price for your insert so you can order it online and have it delivered in a week (current delivery times may vary).

Once you have the insert for your jewellery box, all you need to do is fix it to the inside. Like we said earlier, use a little bit of superglue and you’re good to go. You won’t have to worry about your jewellery getting damaged!

Are you guilty of these jewellery bad habits?

With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to give you an idea of the kinds of ‘bad habits’ that can damage your jewellery. We’ve all been guilty of the following, but with jewellery box foam you can set your jewellery down before bed without having to worry.

  • Not having a storage solution for your jewellery. Not having proper storage like jewellery box foam means that your jewellery is likely put down on a wooden dresser or nightstand when you go to sleep. Without cushioning, you could be opening your jewellery up to all manner of scratches and nicks caused by hard surfaces.
  • Not cleaning your pieces. Something else that can damage the quality of your jewellery is not properly cleaning it. General grime can build up and tarnish your jewellery, so a few times a year you should do a quick clean-up of your collection.
  • Wearing jewellery while showering or swimming. Prolonged exposure to water and the cleaning chemicals used in swimming pools will eventually tarnish and stain your jewellery (no matter how high quality it may be).

Protect your jewellery with foam inserts for jewellery boxes

If you would like more information regarding jewellery box foam inserts, please contact our team here. You can also find out more by visiting our custom foam inserts page, and our custom foam tutorials which give you tips and tricks regarding our foam products.

Check out our DIY Custom Foam service

A new addition to our comprehensive foam offering is our DIY Custom Foam, otherwise known as Easy Peel. You can now create your very own insert, all you do is cut and peel away the layers of foam and your inserts are ready to go.

For tailored specifications, use our DIY custom foam calculator and we’ll send your custom inserts right away.

In the meantime, our blog is regularly updated and packed with helpful insights, so be sure to take a look.

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