How to organise and declutter your office when you finally return

Desk organisation comes naturally to some of us, whereas others are left wading through a sea of post-it notes and to-do lists. The past 12 months have been a strange adjustment period for everyone, especially for people working from home, with pop-up desks appearing in wardrobes, balconies and other peculiar spaces.

As we get ready to return to the office, desk organisation is on top of everyone’s priorities. Whether you operate from a co-working space, a large office alongside your colleagues or you prefer a more solitary approach to office working, we all have particular preferences to how we want our space to look and feel. Decluttering an office space can feel like a daunting task, but once you’ve got a workplace to be proud of, you’ll never look back.

You wouldn’t cook dinner in a messy kitchen, the same way you shouldn’t work in a cluttered environment. Don’t just take our word for it, cluttered spaces can affect your health, so take a look at our custom foam drawer inserts that can be used to safely stow away tax returns and highlighters.

Don’t let one post-it note compete for your attention

Stick it on the wall! Effective office organisation ideas are key for productivity, there are many ways you can create your workspace with everything you need and still have the room to twirl a cane.

  1. Utilise the walls around you: Shelving and pin boards are a fabulous way to create more desk space whilst having tools and equipment within reach.
  2. Make storage caddies your best friend: Small desk? Small problem, solved. Storage caddies and tool cases are a great way to keep your desk organised and store essentials.
  3. Drawer organisation: Don’t rummage around your drawers for the right cable, find it instantly by installing drawer inserts. Giving each item an allocated space, organisation never felt so organised.

Protect your energy, protect your workplace

Simple is the new black. Minimalism is growing ever more popular in modern offices and home environments. Fresh, exciting ideas are better concocted when there is space to do so. Give your mind a break and start organising your office space for a clutter free, peaceful working environment. Important side note: For dehumidifying purposes and a bit of greenery, don’t forget to include a potted plant!

Leave no organisation solution behind

Our foam drawer inserts are practical, affordable and customisable solutions to office organisation. Fit your foam anywhere with our range of size options. Easy Peel away two-tone foam, for the photographer, the builder, or the grey market dealer. Protect your tools, and products with our DIY Foam.

Working efficiently comes naturally with a well organised office space. Our products are designed with you in mind to create accessible, practical and safe working environments.

Find out for yourself how our custom foam inserts can help keep your office organised and get an instant quote with our DIY Foam Calculator. If you would like to speak to a member of our team for further information, you can call us on 0800 8400 166 or contact us here.

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