How to preserve your leather watch strap

How to preserve your leather watch strap

If you’re investing in a top of the range watch, chances are the watch strap could be leather. Leather has long been the material of choice when it comes to watch straps, due to its long-lasting nature and it being perfect for both casual as well as more formal occasions.

However, this unique material requires just as much care and cleaning as the clock face, to preserve its good looks and prevent any damage. From how to polish a leather watch band to how to get sweat stains out of leather watch band, read on to find out the best ways to clean your leather watch strap.

Leather watch strap care

How to clean a leather watch strap at home

You don’t necessarily need to take your watch strap to a watchmaker or a fellow horologist every time you want to clean your leather watch strap. In fact, you can clean your watch strap at home by following these 5 simple steps:

  1. Carefully remove the strap from the watch, then use a dry microfibre cloth to wipe both sides. It’s important to use a microfibre cloth as it won’t scratch the leather but will remove any trapped dirt and dust.
  1. Dampen a jewellery cloth and add a tiny drop of natural hand soap, about half the size of a 5-pence piece. Using gentle circular motions, dab the leather strap rather than rubbing it back and forth, paying close attention to dirtier areas.
  2. Using a different damp cloth, gently wipe the leather band clean, making sure to remove any soap residue. It’s important that the cloth is damp and not soaked through, as the excess water can damage the leather strap.
  3. Place the leather strap in a cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight and not placed on top of a heated surface such as a radiator. Allow the leather strap enough time to naturally dry before reattaching it to the face.
  4. You can also add leather conditioner or oil to further protect your leather watch strap, but make sure to carefully follow the instructions provided.

How to waterproof leather watch strap

As leather is a natural product, it isn’t completely waterproof. A wet leather watch strap can stain, which can cause it to lose its colour or deteriorate sooner than expected. Although it’s difficult to completely protect your leather watch strap from water whilst wearing it, you can apply a waterproof leather watch protector to reduce water damage.

You should do this after cleaning your watch to ensure there is no dust or dirt on the leather strap. Thirty minutes after letting the band absorb the waterproof spray, take a microfibre cloth and gently wipe it down. A waterproof leather spray can protect your watch strap when correctly applied for up to 2 weeks. As an extra precaution, if your watch strap gets wet, you should leave it at home to air dry naturally.

Maintaining your watch and leather strap

You should look to clean your leather watch strap once every fortnight, following the steps above for the best results – the final conditioning step should only be done occasionally. If, however, you’re visiting or live in a hot or humid climate, you should carefully wipe down your leather watch strap more often, to avoid sweat marks building on the strap.

You can also lengthen your timepiece and leather watch strap’s lifespan by protecting them in waterproof, crushproof watch cases. With a number of protective watch cases available, ranging from a 3x watch box to an 18x watch case, spend time browsing our collection of and find the perfect case to begin properly protecting your timepiece and leather watch strap.

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