How to repurpose and make the most out of old furniture

Whilst buying new furniture can be an exciting time, it can also come at a cost – and with hundreds of items that are no longer being used, antique and flea markets are brimming with classic furniture that can easily become your next statement piece. Additionally, Freecycle and Freegle are other options for people looking to kit out their homes on a budget – whilst adding your own twist.

Upcycling is the new IKEA

Whilst IKEA has been the longstanding supplier of affordable furniture, there’s a new trend in town, and it might be just as, or more efficient as the Swedish giant. Furniture can be a huge investment and no piece of furniture should be left to rot. So let’s dive into how to make the most of your old and unused pieces!

Transform your old bathtub

This solely depends on the aesthetic of your house and personal taste, however, you may have seen this transformation. Whilst discarding a bath can be costly and time-consuming, and you might need a van to get rid of the heavy load – why not consider turning it into a seat for the spare room or somewhere to sit when putting on shoes in the hallway.

You’ll need a strong electric saw for the job, start by cutting it in half to create an open seat – once the framework is in place, you can sand down the edges, add a sealant and add ‘feet’ to the bottom. Once ready, you can kit out your new seat with a cushion cover, to any style you like. You can get creative with this – so lose yourself in the world of design!

Cabinet doors

Whether you’ve got a large dressing table or a kitchen unit door, these elements can be repurposed to create handy storage spaces. For example, by adding a 3D structure to a long dressing table door – these can be drilled against the wall to create a statement piece to store ornaments, books, plants or whatever else you wish to display. A quick sanding and lick of paint later, and you’ll have a fresh display cabinet without the effort of scouring the internet for something costly.

Headboards and beds

Wooden bed frames usually have a lifespan, and once they start to creak, that’s when you know it’s time to upgrade. But what do you do with all that spare wood? Luckily, you can repurpose all that wood to create new, exciting pieces of furniture. Whilst the wooden slats can be used to create planters or boxed off areas in the garden, the headboard can be hung up on the wall with hooks added to create a clever coat rack.

Equally, if you don’t wear many coats, you can use the top headboard and end board to create a seated area for your pet or little one. Just be sure to keep some of the slats to fill in the bottom, otherwise, they could fall right through – this can also be used as a storage box; the possibilities are endless!

Dining chair swing

It’s exactly what it sounds like – by removing the legs of a dining room chair, and drilling two holes on either side and feeding through some strong rope, you can create a swing for the garden. Simply find a strong tree, or better yet, if you already have the apparatus for a swing, then hang it on from there and watch the smiles roll in.

Mount boxes

Why you might think that old wooden boxes only look good as planters, you could easily repurpose them as clever shelving units. Just make sure you treat them properly first: this involves sanding them down, adding a layer of varnish and maybe some sealant too. That way you can be sure they won’t rot inside your home and cause avoidable damp problems in the future.

Pallets are all the rage

If you’ve been on Pinterest in the last five years, then you’ll know all about the pallet hype. These once industrial pieces have been reformulated to create all manner of furniture, from beds to outdoor seating, there really is no end to the pallet use. Pallets can also be mounted on walls as clever places to store large utensils.

It’s important when you’re upcycling a pallet for recreational use that you check it’s been treated properly, untreated palettes can bring chemicals into your home and cause illness.

Re-use scaffolding

There is a wealth of options for upcycling scaffolding, what’s more, each plank looks different, which creates a super authentic piece of furniture. Consider making your next dining room table from old scaffolding – if you can get your hands on some iron for the legs, your table is going to look incredibly rustic.

Another clever use for scaffolding is outside decking – decking is never a cheap option, but if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, then this method of upcycling might just be the ticket for you.

Protect your tools with custom foam

When repurposing furniture it is important to have the right tools, whilst some of these suggestions can be easily transformed, others may require a little DIY knowledge. With good DIY comes good tool protection practice, that’s why at Case Farm we offer the up-cyclist the option to kit out their toolbox with protective toolbox foam inserts and DIY foam inserts.

Available with your own specific size and requirements, our team work with one of the leading suppliers of custom foam, keeping your tools protected and giving them a longer shelf-life. If you want to know more about our services, then get in touch with a member of our team, or check out our blog for more guides and tips from the world of DIY!

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