How to say “Can I take your photo?” in 25 languages

Blog header with text reading "Can I take your photo? In 25 languages".

One of the best things about street photography is that anyone can do it! It’s all about capturing life in a public space, and you really don’t need the latest hi-tech camera equipment to do it. What you do need, though, is the self-awareness that you’re in a public space. This comes with a certain set of rules.

It means asking for permission if you want to take a photograph of someone. Even if they aren’t the subject of your photograph, it’s always best to ask. How do you do that in a foreign country, though? When you don’t speak the language it can become quite nerve-wracking. What’s the etiquette?! This is where your everyday phrasebook falls short. You might be able to ‘find a nearby toilet’ or ‘a good restaurant’, but if you want to be the best photographer you can be, it helps to have to have the right words at the ready.
Fortunately, we’ve created a go-to guide that you can take with you on your travels (we’ve also got some hard camera cases). From Russian and Swedish to Swahili and Greek, we’ve tried to cover every possible street photography hotspot.

Infographic instructing on how to ask "Can I take your photo?" in 25 languages.

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