How to store items in damp or dusty spaces

Plenty of us live with limited space and storage solutions. From garages and cellars to attics and lofts, we use these spaces to store various must-keeps and should-probably-throw-aways. Over the years, these items are sometimes left forgotten or simply used only when needed.

One of the most common risks in all this is damp damage or the general aging of belongings left in less than ideal conditions. It’s not always damp damage that can eat away at our things, however. Dusty environments can have equally damaging effects on your belongings.

That’s why we have recommended a few ways to safely store your items in damp or dusty spaces. Find out how to prevent damp in storage, how to prevent moisture in storage boxes, and how to defeat dust damage.

Protect items from damp with preventative storage measures

First things first, you will need to create and maintain an environment that cannot be affected by damp in the first place. To protect items from damp damage, you should take the following preventative steps.

Dehumidify your space

Whether you’re preparing a new storage space or cleaning an existing one, you need to reduce the moisture levels so that damp doesn’t become an issue. You can invest in a dehumidifier, make use of exhaust fans, or remove absorbent heavy furnishings from your storage space (e.g carpets, rugs, pillows). All of this can help to bring fresh air into your space to remove humidity and moisture levels.

A deep clean solves all

Along with dehumidifying, having a regular deep clean of your space will also help protect items from damp and other mildew related damage. You will prevent bacteria from growing and, provided that you dry wipe all surfaces at the end, you will reduce moisture levels too.

Of course, you can also beat dusty environments this way. Dust can damage the working mechanisms of any equipment (most commonly, tools), so the most proactive way of preventing this is a simple deep clean every now and again.

Make sure the items you’re storing are dry

It sounds a little obvious, but many storage spaces are ‘quick fix’ solutions where we don’t always double check the condition of the things we’re storing. We just want to get it stored away! However, it’s important that you do take a quick look at what you’re storing. Give your items a quick wipe down with a dry cloth.

Pack desiccators

Those little packages that arrive with your new pair of trainers will act as an excellent agent in minimising moisture levels, so they’re perfect for your storage spaces. Throwing a few in storage boxes and on shelves will sufficiently reduce moisture levels.

Avoid plastic coverings

Lots of people might think that using plastic coverings over your belongings is a good way to protect them, but what actually happens here is that plastic will trap moisture from getting out. It won’t enable proper circulation, which is possibly the worst thing to happen if you’re looking to protect items from damp damage.

Store your items in a way that blocks out damp

Now you have the preventative measures needed to tackle damp from the get-go, we’re now going to provide you with a few storage solutions that will keep your items dry and your storage space free from damp.

Use airtight containers where you can

With airtight containers and other boxes/cases with sufficient clasping systems, you will block out mold, mildew and any other damp factor. They should also be better for organisation, too.

Go for vertical storage if possible

A classic storage tip is to go vertical and it will always ring true. Even if your space is flood-free, storing too much on the floor is not only a trip hazard but your belongings can also absorb moisture from the concrete. It sounds unlikely but it’s not impossible. Vertical storage also allows you to make the most of your storage space potential by freeing up space elsewhere.

Examine your storage spaces regularly

Just as you should clean your space regularly, you should also examine the space when you can. Keeping an eye on any potential damp damage means you’ll stay ahead of it in future.

Use vacuum sealed bags for clothing and other fabrics

If you have vacuum sealed bags, you should definitely use them for clothing and other soft fabrics. With these storage bags, you’ll be able to remove all air (and therefore moisture) from affecting your clothes. If you’re looking for a long-term storage solution for your clothes, vacuum bags are ideal.

Whatever you’re storing, our range of cases are perfect

Tools and DIY equipment are some of the most commonly stored away items, especially in garages and sheds. Old camera equipment too! Not only do our cases have foolproof clasping systems, they’re also waterproof, airtight, dustproof, and built using only the best materials. If you’re looking for rugged storage, you’ve come to the right place.

You can see our range of cases here. With our cases, you can reach a superior level of organisation as well as protection from the elements. Pair a protective case with our recommendations in this article and you can rest assured that your storage space is protected against damp damage.

What can you do to tackle dust?

Although damp is the major risk factor here, dust can also have a negative impact on your storage space. The biggest risk is that dust may create a dust mite situation which will then eat away at soft fabrics and other degradable materials. A perhaps bigger risk is one of health. Breathing in dust particles and other contaminants from poorly ventilated spaces can be highly detrimental to health and preexisting conditions like asthma.

It’s exactly the same with your workshop (this is something we’ve written about at length, so to find out how dust can harm your health you should give our article a read-through).

To tackle dust, the best thing you can do is maintain a regular cleaning schedule which eradicates dust matter as quickly as you can.

Want to protect your tools too?

Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or just a DIY hobbyist, you will want to protect your tools from any damp damage and related aging. If you have power tools, you definitely will. You need a waterproof tool case, which we can help with.

With our custom foam inserts, your tool cases will have an added layer of protection from the outside elements. You can also use the Easy Peel service to go one step further and get inserts sized specifically for your needs. Having a tool case with a foam insert is possibly the ultimate tool storage solution.

Our team is available to talk through whatever you need, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also read more articles like this one over on our blog.



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