How to take care of your Oris watch

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So you’ve invested in an Oris watch and you’re now proudly sporting one of the great classics of Swiss watchmaking. A bonafide masterpiece, it will serve you well for years to come. Oris watches are something you will want to look after!

To take extra good care of your new acquisition, you need some inside tips that will help extend the watch’s longevity. This is where we come in! Here are some helpful tips to help you take care of your Oris watch and avoid those costly Oris watch repairs…

But first… are Oris watches good?

Before we get stuck in, here’s a little profile of the Oris brand. We’re going to briefly explain just why Oris have become so popular.

One of the best things about Oris is their output volume and the quality of each collection.

Oris not only make multiple kinds of watches for multiple groups, but they also ensure that each collection is perfectly suited for those groups.

For example, some watch brands might be considered the best at watersports watches, but could fall short when it comes to the luxury market. Oris does it all. Their Aviation collection has some of the world’s favourite watches for pilots, while their Diving collection has more than a few industry favourites loved by scuba divers and professional swimmers alike.

Oris watches are, for the most part, very affordable. They may not hold the same esteem as brands like Rolex or Patek Philippe, but there is the sneaking suspicion that Oris couldn’t care less about this. They’re a unique brand, which is why we like their watches so much! They’re a truly stand-out brand, and one of the best Swiss watch manufacturers out there.

Tips for taking care of your watch

Without further ado, here’s how you can take care of your new Oris watch.

Clean your watch as often as possible

A no-brainer, maybe – but letting the dust and everyday grime build up is one of the most common ways that people neglect their timepieces. Oris watches have that classic Swiss watch face, with plenty of surface area on which dirt will build up. Use a soft cloth and wipe all areas of the watch (gently) a couple of times a day.

blue blurKnow your watch’s water resistance

Which we’re sure you will, of course. An Oris watch is no small purchase, so you’ll probably be clued up as to how far below the surface you can go (if at all).

If you’re not clued up and you go underwater with a model that isn’t water resistant, you’ll definitely be kicking yourself. When it comes to waterproof watches, Oris are up there with the best.

smartphone beside watch and camera

Get something for storage

A watch box is vital. Whether you’re travelling or you have a rotation on the go, get yourself a protective watch box for that extra piece of mind. You’ll protect your Oris watch (and Oris watch straps) from dust, dirt, and the curiosity of any nearby toddlers.

Avoid extended exposure to sunlight

Oris watches are extremely durable, so this isn’t too much of a worry. Try not to leave it in patches of hot sunlight for too long, because the colours can fade. Placing it on the table while you go for a swim? Put your watch in the shade. 

Avoid exposure to chemicals

The same goes with chemicals – though this is more of a pressing concern. You definitely want to stay away from strong chemicals like cleaning solutions or bleach when you’re wearing your new watch. Keep an eye on exposure to perfume and aftershave, too!

Use your warranty effectively

Your warranty is there for a reason, and with Oris you get a decent two years! If you need it, it’s there.

Most important of all – enjoy your watch!

Leading on from the last section about warranties giving you peace of mind, you should remember that watches are there to be enjoyed! Wear them, wear them, wear them again.

Oris watches (even vintage Oris watches) are going to last you a long, long time! You’ve invested in one of the most reliable watch brands on the market, so try not to fret too much. The technology has come on in leaps and strides in at least the past decade, with new and innovative ways that your watch can ‘look after itself’.

Get the watch serviced regularly

Ultimately, the essential watchcare tip is to get it serviced every two-three years. If your battery dies, get it replaced immediately to prevent battery acid leakage. Oris watch service costs will vary, but you can find your nearest repairs centre here.

Keeping your Oris watch in tip-top condition

With the above tips, you can ensure that your investment is one for the long-term. Oris watches are built to last – they’re sturdy, resistant, and technical. That said, like anything in life, if you look after it then it’ll look after you.

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