How you can use custom cut foam to smash your product unveiling…

Product presentation is an integral part of selling your product to prospective buyers. Whether you’re selling directly to customers or to other businesses, half of the battle is achieving an unforgettable product presentation.

Enhancing your brand

There’s no doubt you have a fantastic, unique product, but how do you make it even more visually appealing to your customers? The proof is in the packaging. With so many brands vying for customer attention out there, you’ll need to ensure your product unveiling and presentation is on point. It really is all in the packaging and presentation – and that’s where custom cut foam inserts come into play.

Here at The Case Farm, our workshop has the capability to produce branded, custom cut foam. Intricate designs, brand elements, logos and text can all be engraved into our foam. Using an accurate laser engraving machine, our workshop team will achieve consistent branding throughout your foam inserts.

Professional presentation

If you’re showcasing your product and brand during a pitch, you’ll certainly want to show it off. This is particularly important for B2B sellers who might be pitching to a big client, such as a retailer. Our custom cut foam inserts are bespoke, meaning they can be personalised to match the rest of your branding and packing, providing a completely professional look for your presentations and pitches.

Adding value for your customers

Are you selling luxury goods that your customers are paying a premium price for? Custom cut foam inserts are a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury to your packaging and presentation. Let’s take luxury watch manufacturers, for example. Their watch cases are often complete with custom cut foam to reiterate the luxurious nature of the brand. When your customers are paying a premium, they’ll likely expect the element of luxury to run throughout.

Preventing damage

While the presentation is important, product preservation is equally important for you and the customer. Whatever you are selling, keeping the item safe should always be a priority. Add an extra layer of protection to your packaging with your own custom cut foam inserts.

Custom cut foam solutions by The Case Farm

Our workshop team can provide you with bespoke, custom cut foam inserts to achieve your desired product presentation. Whatever shape or size you’re looking for, rest assured our protective foam inserts will provide a truly professional finish to your product. Engrave your branding within the foam or create multiple inserts for different product elements, the opportunities are endless.

Try our new custom tool inserts service

Our newest unveiling comes courtesy of Easy Peel, and enables you to regain complete control of your custom foam inserts. All you need to do is enter your precise sizes and specifications onto our calculator page and you’ll get an instant quote. Then, simply complete the order and we’ll ship your custom inserts straight away. This new DIY toolbox inserts service is set to revolutionise your DIY and home improvement experience! Here are some helpful Foam Tutorials to get you started.

Get in touch for more

Visit our custom cut foam page to learn more about our workshop and how our team can meet your custom foam requirements. To get started or to discuss any questions you might have with our team, call us today on 0800 8400 166 or fill out a form and we’ll be in touch.

In the meantime, take a look at our existing cases equipped with high-quality foam. From camera cases to tool cases, we’ve been working with a wide range of industries to provide durable cases equipped with the highest quality foam inserts. Keep an eye on our blog for even more insights and tips into custom cut foam and cases.

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