Never miss another photo opportunity again. LensPacks turn your camera lens bag into a rapid lens change system. There’s no need to struggle with traditional caps any longer, as LensPacks stay affixed to your bag or case for a rapid change over. This secure lens holder is compatible with a wide range of camera lenses on the market and what’s more, it offers a quicker camera lens change like no other.

Turn your camera lens bag into a lens changing bag

LensPacks consists of a simple yet unique design and can be used to attach your lenses to anything that Velcro sticks to. If Velcro won’t stick to your camera bag or case, no need to worry! The LensPacks’ self-adhesive Velcro sheets will solve the issue.

Is my Camera Lens Compatible with LensPacks?

LensPacks are compatible with most major camera lens systems, with plans to extend the range even further in the future. The current collection of LensPacks compatible cameras is:

Canon EF and EF-S
Nikon F-Mount
Sony Alpha E-Mount
Fujifilm X-Mount
All Micro Four Thirds Lenses
Pentax K-Mount

Additional Protection for your Camera Lenses

With LensPacks, your camera lenses are securely fastened into place within your camera bag. Without the unique cap system, there’s room for your lenses to roll about, which could potentially cause damage to the them, especially when travelling.

How does LensPacks compare with other quick change camera lens holders on the market?

It makes sense to consider all of your options and to decide which secure lens holder  product is best for you.

You might have seen camera lens holders that are similar to LensPacks during your research, but how exactly do these other secure lens holders compare?

Head over to our comparison pages, where we’ve provided the pros and cons of both Lens Flipper and Capture Lens, in comparison to LensPacks.