LensPacks Provide Quality Alongside Affordability

LensPacks are the cheapest of the two camera lens holders, at just £14.99 compared to $74.95 (approximately £55) for the Lens Flipper, but that doesn’t mean they lack quality. Made from solid, sturdy materials that attach to a strong Velcro base, you can rest assured that a LensPacks camera lens holder will support you on your travels time and time again.

Whilst the Lens Flipper comes with a heftier price tag, it too provides you with a quality product that is guaranteed to lock your lenses in place during a shoot.


Lens Flipper Offers a 2-in-1 Product

The Lens Flipper is cleverly designed so that two lenses can be attached to the system at once, adding further convenience to a quick lens change. On the other hand, one LensPacks product provides a space for just one lens; a minor disadvantage compared to the Lens Flipper.

That being said, with the lower priced LensPacks, you could have space for 3 lenses and still save a tenner, compared to the two spaces for lenses with the more costly Lens Flipper.

Fit Your LensPacks Into Any Camera Bag

Simply stick the Velcro side of the LensPacks to your camera bag, twist on your camera lens and you’re good to go! If your camera bag’s interior won’t work well with Velcro, there are additional adhesive strips available that can rectify this.

LensPacks makes it simple and safe to carry your lenses with you in your camera bag, without the worry of them rolling around and being damaged. That being said, there is still the risk of grit making its way into your lenses, so be sure to give your LensPacks a wipe clean before attaching your lenses.

On the other hand, the Lens Flipper is designed to hang down by your side or clip onto a rucksack strap. Whilst this adds more to its ease-of-use, the likes of dust, water and impact pose a risk to your lenses with this design.