LensPacks Are Slim, Discreet and Lightweight

LensPacks are designed with the user in mind. The system has a slim, 0.5inch width design, allowing users to maximise the amount of space in their camera bag.

The Capture Lens system weighs 198g and is 2 inches in depth, making it a slightly bulkier and heavier alternative to Lens Packs.


One Easy-to-Use Lens Changing Tool

Capture Lens consists of a number different components that make up the lens changing system. These individual components must be used together for it to work so if one element is left out, you’ll struggle to change your lenses swiftly and rapidly.

LensPacks, on the other hand, are a singular tool that can be attached to any camera carry-case. This allows you to change your lenses easily, without having to worry about remembering the separate parts. Easy Access On-the-Go With the Capture Lens rapid lens change system, you’re always photo-ready. The tool can clip onto any external strap, meaning you can access your lens easily and quickly.

In contrast, LensPacks have to be fixed to the interior of your camera bag or case. This makes it a little bit less convenient to access your lens when you need a quick changeover.

Keep Your Lens Safe and Secure

LensPacks secure, Velcro base sticks to the interior of your camera case, ensuring your lenses stay protected and free from harm.

However, the Capture Lens system is designed to stay fixed to an external strap, backpack strap or belt. This leaves the lens vulnerable to external damage.