My Watch Collection: A Review from London Watch Collector

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Our brand new watch cases have proved to be pretty successful, and we’ve started getting accolades from here, there and everywhere! Including from the well-followed London Watch Collector. Here’s his review:

Every watch tells a story and I would like to share this watch case that I got, because I’ve been out in the market looking for the perfect watch box; something that would hold all my watches at the time.

This watch box is for ten – it’s a Peli case 1400, which is crushproof, waterproof, dustproof, and believe it or not, comes with a lifetime guarantee!

I was able to find this UK-based website called and they were lovely. The full experience of buying this from them was fantastic, and once I show it to you from the inside, you’re going to understand what I mean.

It has complete foam fittings all around, and it actually holds ten watches, making it the perfect case for me. I believe they have three, six and ten on their website, so do check them out.

So you can see it says genuine Peli case, and that valve that you see, it’s a normal turn valve, it’s called an automatic purge valve. It’s made in Europe, it’s called a Peli 1400 case.

The hinges are of good quality, the handle is rubberised from the inside to give you a better grip and you’ve got two little holes where you can put some padlocks, just in case you want to store it.

Check out the full review below, along with London Watch Collector’s impressive watch collection:

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