Meeting Matt Scutt, British Photographer


What got you interested in photography?


I worked in motorsport and was tasked with shooting the drivers’ sponsor decals as they drove around the circuit (not easy when they travel at 200mph).


What was your first camera?


The first one I remember using was a Polaroid instamatic. The first one I bought was a Canon film SLR.


What are your influences?


I don’t tend to notice other photographers’ work. I am inspired by architects however – the likes of Foster, Gehry and Wright.


What did you find most difficult about getting into photography?


Getting people to see me as more than a “jack of all trades”. I have mastered most things I have decided to do.


What type of photography would you say is your speciality?


Architectural is what I enjoy most, but I have worked in pretty much every creative sphere.


What has been your favourite project so far and why?

Thomson Cruises. A week in Barbados was amazing.


What makes a shoot enjoyable?


Being early and finding a location with no people in it.


Have you ever been involved in any really exciting, dangerous, or memorable shoots?


I nearly fell out of the top window of Tower Bridge. You’re meant to wear a harness, but champagne was involved and I wasn’t meant to be in the maintenance area at the top.  Ironically, a couple of years later, I did fall out of a helicopter’s doors above Tower Bridge, after instructing the pilot to pitch it over so I could get a clear shot through the doors. Fortunately, I was wearing a harness that time!


I’ve also travelled at speed around a race circuit in a helicopter shooting the cars racing, and travelled in the back of a land rover, hanging out the back with someone sitting on my legs for ballast, to capture an Ariel Atom at speed from near the road surface.


What is your favourite photograph of all time?


My shot of Tower Bridge’s walkways from above.


What do you look for when capturing your shots?


Originality. And if that’s not possible, then spectacular scenes.


What’s in your base kit?


A lot. Two Canon full-frame DSLRs, and a multitude of lenses from 50mm f1.2 through to a paparazzi 600mm zoom lens with 2x extender. I also carry a GoPro and use my iPhone 7 Plus.


What would you like to see on the market that would make your job a lot easier?


The iPad Pro with full OS X rather than iOS. Then I could do post production on the go easily.


If you could offer some photography tips for beginners, what would it be?


Focus on image composition before considering spending serious money on equipment. I have seen way too many people with no talent walking around with Canon 1Ds or 5D Mark IVs – the camera does not make the photo.


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