Organising tools and the accessories you need

Gone are the days of searching for the screwdriver, or realising you’ve misplaced your stilson. A well organised tool box is a simple but effective way to get the job done, efficiently and satisfactory.

So let’s get into it. First of all, you need to organise your tools and accessories. Determining which tools group, or pair, well together is imperative for finding the right storage solution for them. For example, you wouldn’t leave a toaster next to a bath, so why leave a hammer next to a wrench? (Disclaimer, these tools aren’t often used in conjunction with one another).

Once your tools are in their groups, deciding how to store them is the next step. This guide will run through the different storage options available, where to get them and how they protect your cherished tools. Still building up your toolbox and wondering where to begin? Read our guide to essential tools for homeowners to get your started.

Clear mason jars

Utilizing old jars is becoming a popular way to store things, not to mention the eco-friendly benefit. So, starting with the smaller accessories, why not make use of those old jam jars or honey-pots and store your screws, nuts and bolts in them?

Forget rummaging through all the different sizes and shapes – by removing the labels, you can customize them and determine exactly what lives where. These can be purchased new or you can create your own collection by saving old jars from the food shop – it’s really that simple!

Plier racks

Whilst they might look like a dish-drying rack, these plier racks are made specifically to stow away your yanking friends, and can be a great addition to a workshop if you use a plier often. Get your hands on these versatile racks online.

You can also get adjustable plier racks that allow you to change the positioning of each grid, which is handy if you have slightly chunkier pliers next to slimmer ones.

Magnetic screwdriver holders

They really are as fabulous as they sound. Much like a magnetic knife rack you have in the kitchen, this is the DIYers’ version! Screwdrivers can easily become dented, damaged and sometimes rusty from being moved around a lot.

If you do a lot of your DIY at home, then consider having this wonderful accessory to keep your screwdrivers safe and out of harm’s way. Disclaimer, if you have little people running around this can also be placed far out of reach, giving you that added peace of mind. The best place to find these are online and can be found on numerous DIY and storage sites.

Pick and pluck foam inserts

The most versatile of all – DIY foam inserts are all the rage among DIYers’, as you can use them at home or on the go, and they’re affordable, too! Create your very own custom foam inserts using pick and pluck foam inserts, once you’ve carved around your tools you can then place the foam inserts in a draw, under the workbench or kit out your toolbox with it.

Organising tools never felt so easy, you can order foam inserts for toolboxes on The Case Farm site. Whilst you’re there, why not check out the rest of our blog section for more useful tips on tool storage and care, from the exciting world of DIY.

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