Photoshop trolling at it’s finest.

Deathly Hallows TShirt
The art of Photoshop can be a fantastic skill for anyone to learn,but in some cases you can always ask an expert to do the work for you. Sometimes it will work out, sometimes it won’t…   1.Choo Choo! train 2. It has taken years off him… baby face 3. We all just want to belong… background lady   4. That is a strong beard game. beard   5.Fresh from the river, can’t beat it… caughta fish 6.Dobbie is a free elf. dobbie the house elf 7.I don’t remember this character? frozen 8.Perfectly timed photograph…  

holding the cliff

9. That one friend who always as to be the centre of attention.

in the frame

10.Some dreams are more construction based than others..


11.Who knew Photoshop was such a great way to meet people!

took her out

12.When you have a photo shoot a 2, but diving practice at 2:30..


    Courtesy Of James Fridman on Twitter

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