Dave Cases

Waterproof Protective Cases for your Equipment

The Dave Case is one of our most popular hard camera cases, giving you plenty of room for all of your equipment and its accessories. Our Dave Cases keep your equipment safe from damage and are completely waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about water leaking in when out and about.

The Dave Case can also be used for long term storage of your equipment, as like its more expensive competitors, our Dave Case has an IP67 rating, meaning that no dust can get in and settle on your electrical gear.

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Dave 1100

1100mm x 370mm x 140mm

Dave 235-D

235mm x 180mm x 156mm

Dave 235-S

235mm x 180mm x 106mm

Dave 300

300mm x 225mm x 132mm

Dave 430

426mm x 290mm x 159mm

Dave 500

500mm x 350mm x 194mm

Dave 520

520mm x 290mm x 200mm

Dave 540-D

538mm x 405mm x 245mm

Dave 540-S

538mm x 405mm x 190mm

Dave 620-D

620mm x 460mm x 340mm

Dave 620-S

620mm x 460mm x 250mm

Dave 750-D

750mm x 480mm x 400mm